Friday, January 30, 2015

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review + Demo

August Glam bag highlight for sure. (If you have no idea what a "Glam Bag" is, it's created by Michelle Phan/Youtuber who put together a bag of 5 items every month with some particular theme). I'm usually a fan of Urban Decay products, so I don't think you understand how excited I was when I received this in my bag. I normally like thinner brushes on a mascara but this one was perfectly sized and whatever formula they use for this product is awesome. It works so well and my eyelashes look the best with this product. This mascara makes my eyelashes stand on its own (aka curls fine without an eyelash curler), gives it great length, I don't think it smudges when I rub my eyes, and I don't get that spidery look when it gets clumpy! My eyelashes still feel like lashes after applying it. I would definitely buy the product on it's own because I like it so much. Check of pictures below (your left is eye with mascara).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Disneyland sucks for old people

Disneyland's rules and accommodations for old people are really, really stupid. There's no nice way to put this, but it's just stupid. I took my grandparents to CA Adventure for their first time ever this past week, and I was trying to get them handicap accommodations since they are legally allowed to purchase handicap passes and what not for driving, so with this mentality in mind, I figured that getting handicap accommodations would be a piece of cake. Right? WRONG! So I went up to the guest relations in CA Adventure and the worker told me the only way to get handicap accommodations was to purchase a wheel chair so the cast members would get a visual cue that they needed help. They wouldn't even let them sit in the seats for Fanstasmic without a wheel chair because it's their visual cue. Okay.... It's clearly evident they're old. It's not like I'm bullshitting my foot is injured so I need a handicap pass, I clearly have old people in my party that can't stand for long periods of time nor can sit down on the floor because it was hard for them to get up. I told her we are more than willing to wait the times but she insisted on a wheel chair. My grandparents are perfectly able and there's no way in heck they would ever want to be in a wheel chair. The only ride that allowed me to wait the the waiting time while sitting was Space Mountain. Freakin Radiator Springs workers were hard asses about us waiting and told us that they would have to find us later in line when it's like we can do the same thing if we could all just stick together. So we ended up doing that whole meet up with each other later for Finding Nemo submarines and Monsters, Inc. Disneyland needs to get their shit together because this isn't okay.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rainy Day Lookbook

I wish it would rain more in Southern California. If you didn't know already, SoCal is in a drought. It's pretty damn awful considering it's raining/snowing everywhere else. And guess what, it's just going to get warmer. Anyway, lets talk about look details.

Mine (Color Burst): So my look was inspired by the idea that you can still look good while it's raining. Just get those thigh high boots on and you'll be as warm as any other person. The key here is finding a warm coat also to keep you warm as wearing sweaters! You'd be surprised how warm you can be with just a sweater and a coat. Of course I have my pops of color with my hair and my umbrella. You can use anything as an accessory.

Victoria (Layered Grunge): What I love about Victoria's look is she can pick anything up and make it look rocking. She probably found these pieces in her parents closet and they are still relevant today. She didn't exactly grow up in the 90s but she could fool anyone with this look. Oversized coats are great for rainy days and plaid shirts provide that extra layer of comfort. She also wore a scarf, knit headband, and socks under her rainboots to provide extra warmth.

Julia (Bold Silence): I love how sophisticated she looks yet still has her adolescent innocence. I wish I was that stylish when I was her age. Her dress reminds me of a mime and her red sweater is very bold, hence the name bold silence for her. As I said for my look, you can still wear a dress in the rain and be totally warm. Red, white, and black always work for any occasion.

Amber (Comfy Casual): Now Amber's is the epitome of a rainy day: pullover sweater, jeans, and a beanie. And hey, even on days it isn't raining this is my go-to outfit. Don't forget the Ugg boots to keep your feet warm. It's a wonder what those boots can do when you're cold. I've found as long as my feet and neck are warm I'm set to go anywhere in the cold.

Hype me on Lookbook?

Dress: Target
Coat: Calvin Klein
Boots: Guess (
Umbrella: Victoria's Secret

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bobbi Brown Slopes | Review and Try on

This is the perfect color for any look: Sultry, Casual, Date Night, you name it. When you need a dark color and don't want to wear maroons, browns, or purples, this is your color. It's like a perfect combination of each of these, well not really purple but it pulls blue tones. Aside from the color, it's great for moisture. I usually put chapstick on prior to putting on lipstick, but it isn't necessary to do this process when applying this lipstick.

Positives: Great color, available at major retailers (e.g., Macys), works for multiple occasions, great moisture
Negatives: A bit pricey

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Downtown Grand Las Vegas | Deluxe Room

I really enjoyed my stay here for two reasons: It's very clean and the bed is freakin comfy. HOWEVER, you can hear EVERYTHING in your room. I heard 

Monday, January 12, 2015

GUESS Dandra Covertible Over the Knee Boots Review



I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them as a christmas present, and plus I hate shaving so this is the perfect way to get away with hairy legs and still wear dresses and shorts. Genius right?
So the heel is pretty wide so it's comfortable walking around in for a long time. I'd highly recommend wearing it with socks because it rubs against your feet and starts to hurt if you don't wear them. But if you have socks on, you're set for the day. You'll be seeing this in a lot of upcoming looks because I love it so much! Also it's quiet for a boot with a heel. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's about a 4-5 whereas the Mally wedge is so freakin loud! I'd wear them more often if they weren't so loud. It's like hey! look at me! I'm walking here! I do like compliments on my outfits but getting stared at for being loud is another story. SOO these boots will get you those compliments without the noise!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Manic Panic | Atomic Turquoise Review

So I used Atomic Turquoise thinking it would be similar to the Ion Color Brilliance in Mint, but man was I wrong. It's definitely blue after mixing it with the pastelizer. I think I would only need an entire pot of pastelizer and a drop of the atomic turquoise to get it to the color I want, or even mix it with like a dash of green. I have no idea but that's something I'll have to play with in the upcoming dyes.
Atomic Turquoise is very bright and loud, so if you're dying your hair for the first time and not ready for something to loud, this is not your color. It'd definitely comparable to the Ion Color Brilliance Aqua in terms of color but NOT consistency. If you like this kind of color, GO MANIC PANIC! You will save money and time! Check out the pictures below for what it looks like.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Manic Panic vs. Ion Color Brilliance

I really don't know why I didn't use this dye sooner. I feel like such an idiot for wasting my time using any other dye. On a scale, the Color Jamz are the lowest quality followed by Ion Color Brilliance and Manic Panic being the best brand out of the three. The consistency of the dye was so much like normal dye it was so much easier to apply than the Ion and if you don't use up the entire pot you just put it back in! No wasting! Isn't that brilliant?!

So major differences between Ion (Blue) and Manic (Plum)
Consistency: VERY THICK versus liquidy
# of boxes/pots: because ion is very thick it normally takes about 3-4 boxes for when I have shorter hair versus one pot 
Cost: Approx $5 a box versus $10 (although this looks like manic is super expensive, it's actually cheaper since you'll use less)
Time (amount of time to apply): (again with my shorter hair) approx 1-1.5 hours versus 30-40 minutes!
Duration (how long it lasts): DEPENDS ON COLOR; so for pinks and lighter colors like 2-3 weeks, blues and purples 6-8 weeks versus ?? (not sure yet, I'll have to come back and update this since I just dyed my hair)

EITHER WAY, if you're at Sally's and you have to choose, go Manic Panic. If you really want that Mint color though, then stick with Ion. Unfortunately, I still think you'd be better off with Manic Panic no matter how much you like the color. If anyone has any other dyes they would recommend I'd love to try it out!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

She must be in the mafia

If she has that ace of spades, don't trust her. Look at her with her brown-eyed grin hiding under those sunglasses. She must be hiding something with such large sunglasses and those leggy boots. She's the master of disguise hiding amongst the people. You'll never know what she's done until you ask her. Only the mafia, will do anything to get away.

I just discovered the game Mafia so you can tell this post has been inspired by this game. So in the game you are dealt a random card: The aces are mafia, king is the sheriff/spy, queen is the nurse/healer/doctor, and any number cards are the townspeople. It's a game of secrecy, deceit, and rounding up the townspeople to defeat the mafia. Convince the people who is who to win the game. Simple right?

Look Details
Sunglasses - Burberry
Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Slopes
Top - Forever 21 
Shorts - H&M
Boots - Guess
Purse - Coach

Monday, January 5, 2015

Russell Brand Messiah Complex

Want real shit? LISTEN to what he says. It's real and valid. I've never had respect for him as a person until I watched this. Take away what he looks like and what he's wearing. LISTEN.

FREAKIN YOUTUBE! They deleted the video above.

Friday, January 2, 2015

How to be a #GIRLBOSS (New Year's Resolutions 2015 and 2014 Highlights)

As with every year, we write down our goals we want to achieve within the year. Although I did not accomplish a few of them, I feel that I have learned a lot within the year about getting better at being a blogger and youtuber. It really does take hard work and dedication for anything you set your mind to. There were times where I wouldn't post a blog or video for weeks because I had something to do for school, or sacrificed something for school to do something else.

The point here is to not lose sight of where you're going and how you're going to get there. ALWAYS write things down because you'll definitely forget to do the task you set out to do.

So some of last years highlights include:

  • Finally getting my acne in somewhat control. I cannot stress to anyone how important it is to eat well and drink tons of water, especially if exercising is not in your daily regiment

  • Getting featured on Forever 21 Instagram. Holy crap that was exciting. Some times being at the right place in the right moment really helps, but always remember hard work comes first.

  • Impulsiveness can hinder you. There are plenty of times where I bought something and realized I'd never use it again and it has not become more prevalent to me than in 2014. Only buy things that will bring value to your life and something that you will actually use! (Although I hate to admit it, some of my shoe purchases like Jeffrey Campbells and Unifs were probably not my best splurges.) Practical things that you can wear every day will make you feel better about the money in your bank and not on your feet. (As said by the #GIRLBOSS herself, Sophia Amoruso)

Love. Worn for a few occasions. Prob shouldn't have bought

ADORE! Only wore for shoots. Prob shouldn't have bought

A twinge of regret.

Loved them on. Thought I would wear more often.

Perfect for cooler weather. Pants or no pants (wish it'd zip up all the way)

TOTALLY REGRET! Although these shoes are so gorgeous, they hurt like a B*TCH!

My go tos. I love these boots. They're like a part of my soul.

  • This isn't just limited to shoes, but other items as well but these are the most apparent because they are more costly. Like lipsticks and make-up. How many different shades does a girl need? Apparently I thought I needed the whole rainbow and swore I'd wear it. I probably only really wore all my reds this year and maybe a light pink and coral color. But those purples and hot pinks forget it. If I had any brain, I'd make a goal to wear a color every day so I can get rid of some of them. BUT that probably won't happen. Remember, you only need one shade of red if you get one and one shade of all the other colors.
  • Stop killing brain cells. Work on what you want instead of wishing for it to happen to you. I've learned this from my friend, Yousef (fouseytube), other people leaders before us. WORK FOR IT!
Be Yourself Tour

LONG STORY SHORT! I will bring these lessons forth into the new year. No more impractical splurges. Work hard and write things out to get to where I need to be (SMART GOALS!). Be grateful everyday for what I've been exposed and learn from it. Hope you're well and cheers to the new year.