Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Disneyland sucks for old people

Disneyland's rules and accommodations for old people are really, really stupid. There's no nice way to put this, but it's just stupid. I took my grandparents to CA Adventure for their first time ever this past week, and I was trying to get them handicap accommodations since they are legally allowed to purchase handicap passes and what not for driving, so with this mentality in mind, I figured that getting handicap accommodations would be a piece of cake. Right? WRONG! So I went up to the guest relations in CA Adventure and the worker told me the only way to get handicap accommodations was to purchase a wheel chair so the cast members would get a visual cue that they needed help. They wouldn't even let them sit in the seats for Fanstasmic without a wheel chair because it's their visual cue. Okay.... It's clearly evident they're old. It's not like I'm bullshitting my foot is injured so I need a handicap pass, I clearly have old people in my party that can't stand for long periods of time nor can sit down on the floor because it was hard for them to get up. I told her we are more than willing to wait the times but she insisted on a wheel chair. My grandparents are perfectly able and there's no way in heck they would ever want to be in a wheel chair. The only ride that allowed me to wait the the waiting time while sitting was Space Mountain. Freakin Radiator Springs workers were hard asses about us waiting and told us that they would have to find us later in line when it's like we can do the same thing if we could all just stick together. So we ended up doing that whole meet up with each other later for Finding Nemo submarines and Monsters, Inc. Disneyland needs to get their shit together because this isn't okay.

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