Thursday, January 8, 2015

She must be in the mafia

If she has that ace of spades, don't trust her. Look at her with her brown-eyed grin hiding under those sunglasses. She must be hiding something with such large sunglasses and those leggy boots. She's the master of disguise hiding amongst the people. You'll never know what she's done until you ask her. Only the mafia, will do anything to get away.

I just discovered the game Mafia so you can tell this post has been inspired by this game. So in the game you are dealt a random card: The aces are mafia, king is the sheriff/spy, queen is the nurse/healer/doctor, and any number cards are the townspeople. It's a game of secrecy, deceit, and rounding up the townspeople to defeat the mafia. Convince the people who is who to win the game. Simple right?

Look Details
Sunglasses - Burberry
Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Slopes
Top - Forever 21 
Shorts - H&M
Boots - Guess
Purse - Coach

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