Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't Feed The Models

This shirt is not okay on multiple levels of acceptance. There are a few issues I would like to address with this post.

Firstly, why is it that pop culture and fashion think this is fashionable? Any of these shirts with questionable statements can be seen as offensive.

Like this one for instance. What made Abercrombie & Fitch designers think that they could get away with such a statement? Or did they think the statement would be small enough that no one would notice? Sure the shirt is making fun of Asian laundry services, since that's what an Asian immigrant tended to do when they came to the U.S., but "Two Wongs Can Make It White" is where the line is crossed. Yes, the joke is based off that any two Asians can make your clothes really clean, however, it's quite obvious there is a double meaning.
 What kind of child thinks that they can really get away with not doing his or her homework because they're too pretty? Honestly, designers? Who came up with this? You're putting the wrong messages and misconceptions into children's heads. Children should be encouraged with their studies and be recognized for their intellect instead their lack of.

Secondly, "Don't feed the models" should not be promoted because of anorexia and bulimia. Some of these models are malnourished, and here we are encouraging their eating behaviors. Eating disorders cause an electrolyte imbalance that deteriorate muscles, and eventually cause death. This disorder should be addressed to adolescents as soon as possible. Getting chubbier around puberty is natural, and adolescents, especially girls, "freak out" because they are gaining weight for unknown reasons, which can cause the eating disorder. Society has this misconception, that we all need to be "thin," when thin ranges on a person's height and genetic make up. People are not realistically size 0 and 2 for all body heights. On the flip side, obesity, is something we should be concerned with as well, because that can also lead to health problems. Giving your children sweets and junk food excessively at a young age will not develop a healthy life stye later in their adult years. And please, don't make the excuse that fast food is cheaper alternative than making food at home. It is possible to cook meals that are low cost and nutritious. Watch the Biggest Loser or look online for tips. I'd also recommend shopping at multiple places to buy groceries since some items are cheaper at different places.

As a society, we should be mindful of the statements we say, and the way we behave around others. Feelings may be hurt, which could lead to self-consciousness of physical form, race, and beauty. I encourage us all to be more conscientious of each other, educate one another when necessary, and try to have healthy lifestyles.

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