Friday, January 2, 2015

How to be a #GIRLBOSS (New Year's Resolutions 2015 and 2014 Highlights)

As with every year, we write down our goals we want to achieve within the year. Although I did not accomplish a few of them, I feel that I have learned a lot within the year about getting better at being a blogger and youtuber. It really does take hard work and dedication for anything you set your mind to. There were times where I wouldn't post a blog or video for weeks because I had something to do for school, or sacrificed something for school to do something else.

The point here is to not lose sight of where you're going and how you're going to get there. ALWAYS write things down because you'll definitely forget to do the task you set out to do.

So some of last years highlights include:

  • Finally getting my acne in somewhat control. I cannot stress to anyone how important it is to eat well and drink tons of water, especially if exercising is not in your daily regiment

  • Getting featured on Forever 21 Instagram. Holy crap that was exciting. Some times being at the right place in the right moment really helps, but always remember hard work comes first.

  • Impulsiveness can hinder you. There are plenty of times where I bought something and realized I'd never use it again and it has not become more prevalent to me than in 2014. Only buy things that will bring value to your life and something that you will actually use! (Although I hate to admit it, some of my shoe purchases like Jeffrey Campbells and Unifs were probably not my best splurges.) Practical things that you can wear every day will make you feel better about the money in your bank and not on your feet. (As said by the #GIRLBOSS herself, Sophia Amoruso)

Love. Worn for a few occasions. Prob shouldn't have bought

ADORE! Only wore for shoots. Prob shouldn't have bought

A twinge of regret.

Loved them on. Thought I would wear more often.

Perfect for cooler weather. Pants or no pants (wish it'd zip up all the way)

TOTALLY REGRET! Although these shoes are so gorgeous, they hurt like a B*TCH!

My go tos. I love these boots. They're like a part of my soul.

  • This isn't just limited to shoes, but other items as well but these are the most apparent because they are more costly. Like lipsticks and make-up. How many different shades does a girl need? Apparently I thought I needed the whole rainbow and swore I'd wear it. I probably only really wore all my reds this year and maybe a light pink and coral color. But those purples and hot pinks forget it. If I had any brain, I'd make a goal to wear a color every day so I can get rid of some of them. BUT that probably won't happen. Remember, you only need one shade of red if you get one and one shade of all the other colors.
  • Stop killing brain cells. Work on what you want instead of wishing for it to happen to you. I've learned this from my friend, Yousef (fouseytube), other people leaders before us. WORK FOR IT!
Be Yourself Tour

LONG STORY SHORT! I will bring these lessons forth into the new year. No more impractical splurges. Work hard and write things out to get to where I need to be (SMART GOALS!). Be grateful everyday for what I've been exposed and learn from it. Hope you're well and cheers to the new year.


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