Sunday, February 9, 2014

Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink Review

Yes, I'm back to pink again and this time around I tried a different dye. I will make it to baby pink eventually, and we will do another round of colors. I have it all planned out in my head how it'll work. At least I think it will. This dye smells funny. Like Play-doh possibly but it definitely had an unpleasant odor to it that I didn't particularly care for. Smell wise, I'd go with Ion Color Brilliance. The color is much brighter than the Ion in terms of being more pink. Ion I'd say has more of a shine to it whereas the Color Jamz is straight color. I'm still having issues with the splotchiness though. Like it'd go on evenly but as I wash it, the strands have spots of white hair in it. So that's a bit frustrating. I do like the color though. For this round of dye, I mixed 50/50 dye to conditions with drop of blue in it. To put into perspective, my hair is now a little bit longer than shoulder length and I used 1 and 1/2 bottles of the Color Jamz. So if you're hair is past your bra you probably need 3 bottles if you're going to add conditioner. No conditioner, I'd recommend 4-5 bottles. I DO LOVE THE PACKAGING OF THE COLOR JAMZ! The stupid Ion Color Brilliance is in tubes that's really hard to squeeze out whereas the Color is in a plastic bottle so it's way easier to get all the dye out. So fan of that. I'm still using both of the Ion Color Brilliance before and after treatment. Let me know if you know of a better pre and after treatment for colored hair. I'm definitely washing my body and hair separately to maintain the color. Maybe this time my hair will stay pink longer. We will see. To see my hair check out my last post.

Hope you're well.

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