Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rainy Day Lookbook

I wish it would rain more in Southern California. If you didn't know already, SoCal is in a drought. It's pretty damn awful considering it's raining/snowing everywhere else. And guess what, it's just going to get warmer. Anyway, lets talk about look details.

Mine (Color Burst): So my look was inspired by the idea that you can still look good while it's raining. Just get those thigh high boots on and you'll be as warm as any other person. The key here is finding a warm coat also to keep you warm as wearing sweaters! You'd be surprised how warm you can be with just a sweater and a coat. Of course I have my pops of color with my hair and my umbrella. You can use anything as an accessory.

Victoria (Layered Grunge): What I love about Victoria's look is she can pick anything up and make it look rocking. She probably found these pieces in her parents closet and they are still relevant today. She didn't exactly grow up in the 90s but she could fool anyone with this look. Oversized coats are great for rainy days and plaid shirts provide that extra layer of comfort. She also wore a scarf, knit headband, and socks under her rainboots to provide extra warmth.

Julia (Bold Silence): I love how sophisticated she looks yet still has her adolescent innocence. I wish I was that stylish when I was her age. Her dress reminds me of a mime and her red sweater is very bold, hence the name bold silence for her. As I said for my look, you can still wear a dress in the rain and be totally warm. Red, white, and black always work for any occasion.

Amber (Comfy Casual): Now Amber's is the epitome of a rainy day: pullover sweater, jeans, and a beanie. And hey, even on days it isn't raining this is my go-to outfit. Don't forget the Ugg boots to keep your feet warm. It's a wonder what those boots can do when you're cold. I've found as long as my feet and neck are warm I'm set to go anywhere in the cold.

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Dress: Target
Coat: Calvin Klein
Boots: Guess (
Umbrella: Victoria's Secret

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