Friday, January 30, 2015

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review + Demo

August Glam bag highlight for sure. (If you have no idea what a "Glam Bag" is, it's created by Michelle Phan/Youtuber who put together a bag of 5 items every month with some particular theme). I'm usually a fan of Urban Decay products, so I don't think you understand how excited I was when I received this in my bag. I normally like thinner brushes on a mascara but this one was perfectly sized and whatever formula they use for this product is awesome. It works so well and my eyelashes look the best with this product. This mascara makes my eyelashes stand on its own (aka curls fine without an eyelash curler), gives it great length, I don't think it smudges when I rub my eyes, and I don't get that spidery look when it gets clumpy! My eyelashes still feel like lashes after applying it. I would definitely buy the product on it's own because I like it so much. Check of pictures below (your left is eye with mascara).

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