Friday, September 11, 2015

B E A U T Y // MICA Beauty Cosmetics | Eye Primer Review

Image Courtesy of Ipsy

This eye primer claims to do the following "MicaBeauty Eye Primer is perfect for everything from sealing in eye shadows and foundation, to enhancing your all-day look. Go from shimmer to matte in just seconds. This waterproof formula provides the perfect foundation for a long-lasting, smudge proof look that is designed for your active lifestyle. This eye primer helps even out skin tone as well as extending and intensifying your mineral eye shadows, without creasing, smearing, or fading." (Source: Ipsy).

I have tried to see if it was me but it seems this doesn't work on my eyes. I've gone 10+ hours with this and it does eventually crease/smear/fade. No I have not applied eyeshadow first then applied the primer (as it says above) but I don't know why you would want to do that. If I had to pick an eye primer, I would pick the Urban Decay Primer Potion every time. That usually lasts me all night and I can sleep on it and my make up will still be in tact. I'm guessing it might because it's summer so it melts faster? We'll see what happens in the winter. Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about.

On a separate occasion, aside from the video above. I put on a minimal amount and it seemed to last. -_-
It's really a finicky product. Then again, I stayed inside all day and had the AC on. But on most occasions, it usually comes off within a few hours. Wouldn't buy it if I had the choice of choosing products, but if you're really interested, here's a link to the product: Micabeauty Eye Primer, 8.3 Gram

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