Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pretty Little Liars and Nail Polish

I've been obsessing over this show for the last month. Yes I know I'm late to jump on that band wagon but it's so addicting! Plus netflix has the first two seasons so I've been trying to watch them so I can start season 3. I love how they dress these girls, and more importantly, I love how their nails match their outfits. Honestly, I wonder how many times a day someone attends to their nails to make it look perfect. I wish I had that kind of service! It's so distracting. Every new "day" the color is different and stylized. I can't even pay attention to the dialogue because I'm fixated on their hands.
Point is, this has inspired me to try different styles and schemes for painting my nails such as painting the last two nails or painting the ring and thumb finger. It's quite entertaining and visually appealing every time I look at my hands. Has anyone tried those sticky nail things that you tape to your nails? Someone please tell me how those work out!

X brittniss

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