Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nails and guitars

I've been quoting a lot of gaga lately and I was so convinced that she said "nails and guitars" in paparazzi that I was so excited to name my look this, but settled for the actually lyrics and decided to name my blog piece this. Here's the look.

This top is actually ripped and I didn't get a chance to sew it yet, but y'all can't see it so it looks fine. I adore this skirt and like I've mentioned before I'm really obsessed with the high-low hem. I added spiked jewelry to make it look edgier and the contrast with the brass, silver and pewter colors adds variety to the look. Lipstick is Viva Glam Cindi. Below are the pieces available at
I also wanted to complain about nail polish chipping when playing guitar. Hence the title. I never get to practice cause I consistently paint my nails and don't want to ruin it. So then I debate on acrylics but I bet that would hurt and eventually ruin my nail. Sigh. C'mon nail makers make this shit guitar proof. Happy Halloween.

X brittniss

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