Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'll follow you until you love me.

FINALLY got a new look up and did it with Fame. It actually looks quite ridiculous because I didn't realize it wasn't standing straight and I bought the small one so it isn't as striking as I thought it would turn out. But I'm still happy with the results. The inspiration for this piece was Bad Romance, as it was the first song I officially liked of Gaga's and after that I became a fan. Plus the dress resembles the liquid and I tried to add gold accessories but I don't believe it was apparent as I hoped. Anyway, I tried to emulate the bath house and I think that came across. It felt so cool wearing this crown and felt like a part of the video (I wish). I would have died and my life would have been made if I was in that video.
With that being said, paws up monsters and share the kindness.

X brittniss

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