Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So my gaga tickets came in, I dyed my hair again, and Pretty Little Liars marathon is recording at the moment, and all is well. Born This Way Ball here I come!

Well, I said I would update when I re-dyed my hair and it has finally come. This time it took 6+ hours to do my hair cause there was not any freakin conditioner in the dye which I left out this time because I wanted it to last and be more pink. That was dumb. More problems we encountered this time around: 1. Took longer because dye was so thick. 2. My hair was splotchy for some weird reason because my hair wouldn't take the dye. 3. My hair is more shades of pink than last time. Don't get me wrong, I love the way my hair turned out, just upset at the inconsistencies with this dye...or my head for that matter. Used the same exact products except for the conditioner, not sure if that changes the properties of the entire thing but it was excruciating long. Tips I learned for this time: wash hair in cold water and avoid the sun, which sucks cause the weather is cooling down and need to take two showers just to wash hair separately. So much fun.

I'm super stoked I finally get to see season 3 of PLL. Hopefully my stupid DVR works and actually records it. It's been so unreliable lately and frustrates me because I haven't been able to watch Glee on my tv but on Hulu since Grey's Anatomy is playing at the same time. Dumb right?

Halloween is coming up and I haven't posted any new looks on LB. I know, I've been slacking. I have so many pieces in mind but been too busy to it them together. Maybe this weekend if I have time. So, if I don't post by Halloween....Happy Halloween and be safe.

X brittniss

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