Friday, August 14, 2015

Wigs versus Hair Dye | PowderRoomD Review

I've recently invested in buying wigs since I constantly dye my hair and I thought my hair might fry out so I'll probably need to buy wigs anyway. I bought a Mint and Pink one.
Photo Courtesy of PowderRoomD

Photo Courtesy of PowderRoomD

Now that I own them, I feel there's another host of things you need to do to prep your hair just to wear a wig. I feel like I might as well just dye my hair again (which I planned to anyway). I definitely feel like I can only wear certain wigs during certain hair phases. For instance, right now my roots are going out, so clearly my black hairs are showing. I bought a wig with black roots so it's easier to blend it in with my own hair. I also bought a pink wig without black roots, so I'll probably have to bleach my hair so it doesn't show underneath.

I've also read you have to buy wig tape/glue so your wig stays in place. So I'll probably have to purchase that as well is multiple wig caps because apparently they get stretched out and you'll have to replace it. So whoopee. I know, I'm so enthusiastic these days. I feel I have to work harder to style them cause I think I look funny in them. They are beautiful pieces and I guess it'll just take practice to get used to wearing them and styling them but hopefully it will work out because these babies were expensive! I think this particular pink wig I bought is quite heavy. Unfortunately they don't part as well as I thought they would and I look super funny with the hair being blown back. I should have requested a side part so it looked more natural, but I was already putting out a lot of money just to buy the wig, so I figured I'd suck it up and just get it as is. I'll figure it out eventually. :)

Obviously you get the benefit of not having to retouch the color or washing it (although I think you can wash wigs). So the fading colors is not an issue. I love that I can constantly change my hair color so I like dying my hair because I can do whatever I want with it. But I think having the wig is great too so that way I have perfect hair whenever I want. So I guess it's really a matter of preference.

I bought my wigs from and I've also considered buying them from this guy on Instagram
PowderRoomD had a sale so I bought those wigs on impulse so it's really a matter of shopping around to get what you want. Good luck!

Must haves for wearing wigs:


  1. Hey, so I saw your unboxing of the wig and I haven't seen any more videos related to it ever since, but just in case you might not know, you can make your own part with lace front wigs by tweezing the hairs out one by one then putting concealer in the middle to make it more natural, then blowdry or use heat tools to flatten the part a bit so it doesn't look 'wiggy'. I hope that helps, it'd be a shame not to wear those wigs as they are really expensive and pretty!

    1. Ah thanks for the tips! I've been letting them sit in my closet and need to create those parts!


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