Monday, August 24, 2015

B E A U T Y // I just discovered I have 'Hooded Eyes'

So I recently discovered what my eyebrow shape is called. For those who knew and didn't tell me, shame on you. For those who didn't know either, it's okay! We can work through this together!
I've been doing a bunch of research on what hooded eyes were, these particular videos stuck out to me. I feel a little bit better knowing that this isn't only an asian trait and that other races have this eye feature as well. 

Everything she says in this video, I'm like omg I'm doing it all wrong. I wonder if my eyes look droopy or bad. I've been misled my whole life thinking that shimmery eyeshadow was the way to go. I mean recently I've liked matte eyeshadow because I feel it's more sophisticated but now I realize it would have helped my eye look a lot. I seriously just want to throw out all my make-up because I think there are only a few of them that are actually matte. 

I liked what Wayne said about lifting the eye with the "straight line" trick. I think I might have over done mine but at least in this thumbnail picture there's shimmery eyeshadow on the "mobile lid" with darker/matte shades creating the straight line. I would argue that this eye is not as 'hooded' but it could also just be the make up? I have no idea! So many options that I didn't know were possible before! I gave this technique a go and don't know how I feel about it. I might have done it wrong but who knows? 

In the end, it really doesn't matter how your make up looks, as long as it makes you feel good and you feel confident rocking it. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

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