Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lights | Little Machines Tour

I've listened to lights for at least 5-6 years now. I think the last time I saw her was in 2009, or maybe 2010. It was 2010! I just looked it up. She toured with Owl City and so I had intended to see Owl City but I ended up being super pumped about Lights. I loved The Listening. It was my first introduction to electro-pop and it was such a new genre for me I was so entranced by it. Anyway, I remember waiting in line for that tour at the Nokia theater since about 2pm. I was probably the 6th or 7th person in line. Mind you this was my first attempt to wait for the front of the stage, so I was totally new at it. The worse part about doing this is the waiting. Some people live for this but personally I'd rather go when I feel like it or buy seats to enjoy the show. She was fantastic but during this era of her life, she sang really nasal-y. like almost not real. I'm not sure if that's what she was going for during that time since the songs were more electronic sounding rather than using organic instruments, so that could be why. She definitely could sing normally so I was confused as to why she did that. Either way she sounded good. She was going through the set as she normally did and then some asshole yelled "Valerie!" Something switched in her and she literally walked off the stage after the last song. It was awkward and I didn't know if she had finished her set.

Fast forward a couple years later, I got into 'Toes' and 'Banner', but the Siberia album didn't really stick with me. Until now. Plus every time I went to check whether she was playing, I had literally missed her playing in LA by a few days. I actually got into the Little Machines album and then started going back to the Siberia album. There are some songs I like, but I'd have to say Little Machines is by far her best work. It's beautiful and honest, and it just makes you feel so dang good. So seeing this album in tour was a must for me. This is my second time seeing her, and I must say it seems like she's in a much better place in her life and she's so much more lively. Well at least compared to the last time I saw her. Anyway, I think her singing got better and her stage presence is magnetic. I think it's best to see your favorite musicians in little venues. It's definitely more intimate and she can actually see you from the stage. She had quite a few conversations with the crowd and someone was able to give her a gift. (I mean they do it at Gaga shows, but they have to throw it on stage and run the risk of getting kicked out.) So that was awesome to see. I literally missed touching her hand because I wanted to get it on film. Geez. and then I didn't even capture her in front of me. Sad day. But it was a great show so I guess I can't complain!

Check out my video of her performance.

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