Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2 (and a half) Reasons Why you should check out Disneyland's 60th Birthday

1. The new shows are awesome!

I didn't get to see the firework show but I've been told that it was good as well. But between Paint the Night and the World of Color show, I would say Paint the Night should be seen over World of Color. Personally, I like the original World of Color the most be that seriously pulls my heartstrings but this definitely has some appeal as well. Paint the Night is so beautiful and the song choice fits perfectly. I absolutely love the Electrical Light Parade so this definitely pays homage to it and might even outshine the original. The only thing that was really weird for me was Belle's massive dress which they tried to imitate from the Blue Fairy float in the Electrical Parade. They could have done without that because it looked weird and I simply just didn't like it. But everything else was awesome and beautiful! The second show is a lot easier to get seating, so I'd advise going to the second one.

2. It's a once in a life time event!

Yeah I get that Disneyland will always be there, but the specifics of it will never exist again (at least to my knowledge). I don't know if they'll keep the Paint the Night Parade past this year or what will become of it. I would image that they would still use at least the parade because of the amount of engineering and physical pieces that go into a parade rather than a firework show or World of Color. If anything, World of Color, Paint the Night, and the fireworks show are the only things need to be seen and that's all that really matters. The Diamond decorations look pretty cheap look compared to their Halloween/Christmas decorations, like it was the last thing they did when preparing for the Diamond celebration. However, there is constantly new merchandise coming out but I am not sure whether once it's sold out they will replace it. So my tip for most things I buy, if you see something you like, buy it then. You never know if it will be there when you come back.

I really felt like this had 3 reasons but as I'm writing this blog entry, this only came up to two. Well hopefully this gives you enough inventive to check it out and if not find someone who can get you in (employees who work there).

Aside from that, the distinctions between Disneyland and CA Adventure have never been more apparent. I guess this is because this was the first time I actually went to CA Adventure and saw the amount of alcoholic availability there was across the park. I'm not sure if alcohol is served at Mad Tea Party before the shows start, but it's available there as well as Cove Bar and Down in Pacific Wharf. Obviously most of the 60th decorations are in Disneyland since it is celebrating Disneyland but there seemed to be an absence of decorations. If you want to escape the Disneyland crowd, head over to CA Adventure.

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