Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ion Color Brilliance Brights | Mint Review

I think I say this with every dye, but I freakin love this color. I think this is most like me in every way. I mean I love my rainbow hair but I really adore the way my hair came out for this round of color. I think Ion Color Brilliance changed their formula because this one didn't wash out splotchy like it normally does and it didn't even bleed when I was it with soap and water. I may be speaking too soon as I've only washed it once. I did experience two shades of the color (roots and ends of hair), which may be due to freshly bleached hair so it was taking differently than the rest of my head, it or could be because there's more yellow in my roots than the end of my hair so it was able to take the true color of the dye. Shitty part about it though is that we were afraid that my hair wouldn't take this color dye so we literally globbed it on to make sure it stayed AND I slept with the dye in my hair overnight. Total process = approx 5-6 hours including bleach and putting dye in. It may have been less because during the bleaching session, we ran out of developer so we had to run to the store. But anyway, totally boxes = 5 Mint + 2 Lavender. Holy geezus 7 boxes is a lot and Sally's sells out of the mint so fast. What a dilemma. Hopefully they have some soon by my next dying session. What are your thoughts on this dye?


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