Friday, July 11, 2014

Vista Mirage Resort Review

This place is perfectly near everything. Less than a mile from Downtown Palm Springs and less than half an hour to El Paseo/The River/Westfield. If you're interested in this place for Coachella, it's about 45 minutes (it's right next to Club Trinidad and your hotel stop would be The Saguaro). It's literally within walking distance of a Ralph's grocery store as well as Starbucks, although I wouldn't recommend that during the months of July-August.

I like this place a lot. All your amenities are provided by the resort. It has two pools, tennis courts, and BBQs available for grilling.
Hours for use
Mon-Thurs: 8am - 10pm
Fri-Sun: 8am - 10:45pm (Why is it such an odd time? I haven't exactly figured that out.)

They have 1-3 rooms available. I stayed in two bedroom suite with two bathrooms which the tour is available below. This suite does have a pull out sofa bed. Of course not my favorite but it's better than the floor.

Kitchen: Omgosh this one is so much better than Club Trinidad. The oven is obviously bigger making the stove area bigger. I HATE ELECTRIC STOVES. They take forever to warm up so literally put it on high to get it hot and wait. But once it's hot cooking isn't a problem. It has two racks in the oven so cooking for a large crowd is a bit difficult. The dishwasher leaks. At least the room I was in. It's super loud so don't run it when you want to sleep. I like the bar area that connects with the dinning area.

Dining/Living Room: The dining area is great. The table seats 6 but with the bar area you can seat approx 8. It's great for entertaining. There's an outdoor patio in the back which we didn't use cause it was so ridiculously hot.

Front Bedroom: Tell me why this room doesn't have a TV? It has the nightstand for it like it's supposed to go there but no TV. Closet has sliding door mirror and connects to the front patio. Queen size bed. Didn't sleep in the beds so can't really comment upon their comfort.

Main Bedroom: WALK IN CLOSET!! Woot! That's my favorite part. This bedroom is connected to its own bathroom with two sinks so it's quite spacious. This bedroom does have TV with King Bed. There's a full dresser and night lamps with the plugs directly

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