Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thoughts on country fairs/carnival games, Fifth Harmony & Karmin Performance

These games are totally rigged. And we all know it. So how do people still win that shit?
Only one answer.
It only makes sense right?
So the only game you're guaranteed to win are those water gun spray games. Unless you're really good at tossing a ball into a fish bowl or throwing a frisbee (for ring toss game).
Hacker tip 1: If it's a ball game, ask the demonstrator to use their ball. If they don't let you use it, it's probably rigged.
Hacker tip 2: Look under the hoops. Shit's oval shaped!
Hacker tip 3: Some games you can exchange small prizes for a larger one.

This concert was so awkward. I felt like an old person with a bunch of tweens.
Fifth Harmony girls were good at getting the crowd pumped and I had more fun messing around and getting into their music. We need more strong female groups. Plus they were mixed so they were good in my books. For the encore, they turned on the house lights. That was weird and then they came on stage. Concerts don't work like this.
I've loved Karmin since their Youtube days so cool seeing them live again. Amy is so freakin good. I wish she was still doing her pin up vibe but it's all good. Change is necessary for your career sometimes. They didn't do an encore. Why? Possible explanations: They were called list minute to do this concert; They had to be in Baton Rouge the next day; They forgot? I dunno man but it was weird. This is my second time an encoreless performance has occurred.

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