Monday, July 14, 2014

Habits to Help Clear Acne

I made a full on video about this so to get the shorter version of this watch here:

Otherwise, here's my thoughts on how to keep your face clean.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking the right amount of water is so beneficial for your skin and your health. Not only does it help clear your face, it helps keep your lips moisturized and keep your colin clean! Yeah I know TMI but really using the bathroom will become much easier if you drink a lot of water. I no longer need to use chapstick/lip moisturizer after staying hydrated so you'll save money from not having to buy this.
Things I like to use instead of individual water bottles are tumblers or the big 32oz bottles from PINK. They give them for free quite often so if your making your trip there get these bottles/tumblers for free.
2. Washing your face every morning and night.

I'm the worse when it comes to this. I would love to say that I do this religiously but truth is sometimes I don't wash every night and morning. But really, this is really a matter of knowing your skin and washing your face when you think you need it. I use Dudu Osun as my main face wash but when I forgot to take it into the shower I've been using Clinique Exfoliating Scrub or whatever soap is currently there.
 I like buying this at Ulta because you can use the $3.50 off purchase for this which I think this is about the lowest price you can buy it at. Let me know if you've bought this cheaper elsewhere.
Okay so the link I provided is for the 12 pack but you can buy them individually or for a smaller package. Make sure you cut up the soap into blocks so this lasts longer and take it out of the shower every time you use it.

3. Blow drying your hair before you sleep.

Moisture is the death of your clear skin! Seriously! I have acne on my back and neck because I go to sleep with my hair wet. I try to blow dry my hair before I sleep if I shower before I sleep but sometimes I shower too late and don't do that. In this case, I tie up my hair. See next tip.

4. Tying up your hair.

I love and hate keeping my hair down. Sometimes I get tempted to chop it all off but then when it looks good I'm so glad I didn't. But as I said moisture is the death of clear skin so keeping it out of your face is good for your skin. So is dust! Your hair contains so much dust so if your hair isn't clean than get that shit out of your face!

5. Washing your hair.

Because I dye my hair I don't wash my hair often which is bad for my skin cause I'll break out. Oh the dilemma. So my way to solve it is to put it my hair up. But if you don't have my dilemma, wash your dang hair.

6. Using a new towel every time you shower.

Yes this adds more laundry, but sometimes just changing your towel can make a big difference. It sits out all day collecting dust and it has your dirty oils from previous wash. I don't even use a towel to dry my face so why would I use it for my body/hair?

7. Washing pillow often.

Your pillow is like a breeding place for dirt. It's where you sleep so all this dust is on your pillow. Clean it so if your face does touch it, your not putting more dirt onto your face.

8. Do not sleep on your face.

As explained in previous tip, there's dust/dirt there. Sleep on your back. Not your sides and definitely NOT your stomach.

9. Clean you entire bedding.

If you sleep with your sheets up to your neck like me, you should wash the entire bedding at least once a month. There's also bed bugs and other things crawling around in there. Wash it!


I've been walking for an hour almost every day. If not, I find some kind of physical activity to do. You will be surprised how much this helps. It also helps so many aspects of your life. So get out there and exercise.

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