Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ion Colour Brilliance Powder Lightener Review

As you all know, I've previously been using Prism Lites to bleach my hair but I finished the bag of bleach and decided to try a different product. I figured if I'm using the spray before putting in the dye and the color locking agent after the dye, heck, I might as well try to bleach. The ratio is 1:1 to the developer which I thought was odd considering prism Lites was 1:2. So I followed the instructions and it created a pasty/cement looking concoction. So I thought, oh crap I didn't follow the directions properly. I checked the bottle again and it said 1:1. I started to apply the product on my head and started off with a super thick layer of bleach. I panicked and thought it was too much so I thinned out the layer enough to cover the unbleached portion. After we finished the entire crown, I went through my head to make sure my hair was taking the bleach and noticed the hair wasn't changing color fast enough except for the section that we had caked on the bleach. So guess what. I went back and globbed on the bleach. Don't be afraid to apply a thick layer because it is the most effective way to lighten the hair. I don't know the best way to describe the amount but I'd probably say 1/8 of an inch but enough to visibly see the beach on the hair you want to dye.
Honestly, I feel this bleaches better and faster than the prism Lites especially if you apply the right amount because it ended up being lighter than my last bleaching session. I was pretty pleased with the results with only using Ion Color Brilliance products and I think this is one of the most evenest dying I've done except the last time. The Fuschia color takes the best and is the most even when dyed but when it washed out it fades splotchy. But that could be due to sunlight, heat, and other factors.
Good luck dying.

X brittniss

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