Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lady Gaga's My Idol

I can't even begin to express the multiple levels of appreciation I have for gaga. But this, is something that cannot go unnoticed.

First off, I'm super jelly of Emma for having direct contact with gaga. She's already got to personally meet her, conversate with her, and hug her. that would probably complete my life. Then to develop a relationship with her omg I'd die. Gaga would be the best BFF ever. Second off, Who does that? What kind of celebrity does this kind of kindness for a fan. It's one thing to keep in contact with Emma but to get her a surgery is true dedication. It's funny that this came up because a friend and I were talking about how other celebrities actions must be glamorized and noticed by the media. And that is sometimes purpose for them to get noticed that they are "giving back". But we felt that gaga put her fame to good use by being politically active and standing up for those who don't have a voice and reaching out to kids who don't have the same resources we do. I just happened to do my routine gaga stalking and this post came up. She's truly amazing and inspiring. If I were ever to have that kind of power, I hope to do the same.

Thank you mother monster for being the best you can be.

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