Friday, April 26, 2013

Brittniss x Coachella Day 1

Brittniss x Pincurls

This is how the weekend started. Wanting to look cute every day and I actually did my hair! woot! To eliminate using products on my hair and damaging it/lose color, I pin curled it as you can see in the pic above. It was super freakin hot. Weather said High: 84, it felt like hotter. Plus, because it was the first day lines were not moving and security was being very thorough. Unfortunately, I missed Metric. Sad face.
Brittniss x Yellow Path
Because we had a shuttle pass, we were told to follow the yellow path. Of course they played the "follow the yellow brick road" portion of the Wizard of Oz, and let me tell you, that shit will make you mental. Cause it's probably a 10-15 second playback of the same few lines that you can hear for a good 4-5 runs of it while walking the path. INSANITY. 
Brittniss x Outdoor Stage
We finally made it at around 5PM, so if you're traveling by shuttle, give at least an hour cushion between departure and the show time. Cause we thought we had a bunch of time and that clearly didn't work out for us.

Here is my first look of the weekend and a random pic of this electricity plant they had in the middle of the festival. Okay the one major thing that sucks about the food truck is that you have to be 21+ and even if 21+ you had to get your ID checked because they are located in the beer gardens. So if you're looking to try truck food and you're underage, you're SOL.
Bustier - Forever 21
Skirt - Styles for Less
Leather Jacket - Zara
Combat Boot- Steve Madden
Hat - Ross?
Lipstick - MAC Riveting Rose + Wet n' Wild (who uses this shit anymore?)
It was totally worth not wearing jewelry or face make up because you sweat EVERYWHERE. 
I'd highly recommend bringing a jacket for night time. Backpacks are good for keeping your crap especially if you don't want to sit on the ground. You never know who might have puked there. Refilling your bottles is really unrealistic so don't plan on getting that shit filled. RECYCLE THE BOTTLES! Here I am preaching to do this but I didn't do it. It says you could collect 10 bottles in exchange for a new cold water and possibly other merch but I never tried to do that but I ended up seeing people with bags of bottles and cans so I'm pretty sure they made the exchange.

WARNING: Weed is everywhere. No joke. EVERYWHERE. You can't escape it. Maybe it was the date or something but seriously, I knew it would be around but not as much as I thought. Like these people had no decretion when having it out there and rolling it like it's no big deal. PLUS they even did it around children, which is like seriously dude? Like your decision is your decision but don't smoke around the kids. WEAR A BANDANA TO AVOID THIS AND DUST. I ended up leaving early because I had such a bad headache. 

That wraps up day 1.


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