Friday, April 26, 2013

Brittniss x Coachella Day 2

Woot woot! Day 2! So we figured we weren't going til later so we chilled at the hotel most of the day and went swimming. It was totally worth it to sit back and chill because I totally enjoyed the rest of the night more.
Brittniss x Shuttle Stop
Here's my second look since Lookbook banned it off the website. Which to me is total crap because it didn't put the words on there. Like it's an object that I'm talking a picture with and it's entirely artistic. But blah fine.
Tank - Victoria's Secret PINK
Shorts - Forever 21
Letterman's Jacket - Styles for Less
Combat Boots - Steve Madden

Must say this was my favorite night because I was super prepared and the bands I wanted to see were playing later and they all sounded AMAZING! I was in love with Postal Service and Two Door Cinema Club! I grew up listening to Postal Service and they were like my high school band. I probably listened to them every night to sleep in high school. I was planning to see Two Door sooner but school always interfered so it was great to finally see them live.

This photo was shot right before Two Door played. This was also an art piece where they just attached a bunch of balloon to strings and festival goers took turns passing it off to one another to take pictures with and move them around the festival. It was really cool because it was always moving and it looked great with all the lighting they had around the festival. Not much to talk about here because it was such a good day.


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