Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Photo Courtesy of Victoria's Secret PINK

Why is currently my favorite bathing suit top? Simple. No removable padding.
Holy geez, it's so convenient not having to remove the padding or getting sand in that place that holds the padding. It's perfectly lined and not heavily pushed up so I absolutely love this swim top. I wish they made other prints but I guess one of every style is better than having multiple of one style but then again I have a bunch of bandeaux swim tops. Only con about this is the strappy back, so if you hate tan lines, this top is now for you. I'm sorry I buy things on sale so that this review is late for those you can no longer by this top. But if you're one of the few that have been holding onto this and not sure if you want to keep it, you should keep it! Haha. I got the color in the picture so I lucked out on that since the only color available on the website is like a teal and bright green.

Enjoy the rest of summer! x

Monday, July 27, 2015

Issues I have with the standards of Modeling

Growing up was a real struggle for me, especially because modeling was something I was always interested in. The race thing never really bothered me, but the height issue was something that prevented me from achieving this ambition. From the research I've done, majority of women in the US are around 5'5", so why do we have this unrealistic person walking the runway? They are clearly in the tails of the normal distribution, thus the odds of them actually occurring in everyday life is a lot smaller than if someone who is 5'5". Why don't we have people who are shorter walking the runway? Oh because the dresses are made for tall people aka the people wearing them are the only ones who can buy it. I saw a casting call for "No Rest For Bridget" a boutique in Southern California, and the requirements of course were 5'9" and what not. Like what the heck man. I've bought clothes from them and they fit perfectly fine on someone who is 5'2" so why the hell am I not allowed to audition to model for them? It's so unrealistically shitty.

ALSO, being older, the race thing does bother me. Because realistically, what are the odds of someone who is asian being taller than 5'9". Unless you're mixed or have some really good genes, your hopes of modeling and being asian are really slim. Thanks a lot society, you've really ruined my self-esteem.

FORTUNATELY, there are other avenues of "modeling" which can be amateur-ish but at least it gives me something. Thank goodness for Instagram, Youtube, and Lookbook who don't give a rats ass of how tall you are because you just do your own thing.

Thanks for listening to my little rant.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Imagine Dragons Smoke and Mirrors Tour Review

I have always listened to this band but didn't get into them religiously until really recently. Like whenever they had shows, it was something like oh man I missed it but oh well. BUT when Metric was opening for them I made it a mission to see them. Thus, I went to see the Smoke and Mirrors tour. Honestly, I regret not seeing them for the Night Visions Tour because that album gives me so many feels and I like majority of the record. Smoke and Mirrors is good but I like the vibe and music of Night Visions.

ANYWAY, back to the show. They were really on top of their timing although I'm not sure whether Imagine Dragons was supposed to go on at 9:15 or not but they started Halsey right at 7:30 and Metric at 8:15, and from what my cousin told me was that they were supposed to start at 9:15.
Had they started at 9:15, they could have fit at least another 3 songs, give or take.

Okay, so I had no idea people really didn't care for Metric. People were on their phones for most of their set and said they were quite repetitive which I'll give them that, but I think it's about how the music feels. Honestly, it just makes me think they weren't there for the music, but for the hype of the show. I thought they always finished their set with Gimmie Sympathy, so I was surprised they didn't do that. I guess it's for only headliner shows? Ugh, felt so let down. Haha.

I wish Imagine Dragons didn't spend so much time on the intros to songs cause that could have allowed for more songs once more. I WANTED MORE! Ha. If you couldn't tell.
Songs I wish they played: Amsterdam, Tiptoe, Cha Ching, All Eyes, Tokyo, Look How Far We've Come.
Notice they're mostly songs from Night Visions.

What I love most about them is how humble they are. I love real, genuine people. I mean all bands/musicians say how awesome their fans are but to truly acknowledge them puts them on a whole other level. I love how Dan addressed that he got to go to a few shows when he was younger and had to be selective with the ones he went to see, thus their concert may be the only one people have picked or one of the select few shows they went out to see. He was so thankful for us being there. Also, I praise Dan for preaching music as a religion, not in the sense that it is a higher power, but in the sense that it brings everyone together regardless of their race, class, gender, personal beliefs etc. I've always believed in that but forgot along the way. If there's anything in this world I believe in, it's music and how powerful it is to make you feel and bring you together with others. Be kind y'all.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gurren Lagann Review

There's definitely going to be a lot of spoilers so if you haven't watched it yet and hate spoilers please stop reading!

I know I'm late to the band wagon, but I finally had a chance to watch this anime. I was really aversive to watching it because the animation looked old and it didn't seem worth my time to watch it, but after must persistence from my brother I finally started this anime.

I feel like this anime had a few sexist things still inlaid in it but overall it was brilliantly written and when watching it thoroughly, I actually enjoyed the animation. I love the theme of it and how they kept persisting to write their own tomorrow and finding their own destiny, instead of what was written by the "Anti-Spirals". The drill reflecting our DNA and thus, deeming those with DNA the spiral race was quite innovative.

So let's go through the time-line so this review is somewhat comprehensive. I genuinely love how much faith Kamina had in Simon, especially when Simon was considered a child. It's very much reflective of how children have so much potential and they have the power to change the future. Also, Kamina's will to inspire and believe in Simon when Simon did not believe in himself. If you believe in someone else who believes in you, that will give you the push you may have needed all along to do whatever you wish to achieve.

Yoko is a bad-ass bitch. I love her character so much. She's the best sharp-shooter and doesn't let normal standards confine her. Although I wasn't too found of the sexualization of her, I think it's actually embracing her femininity and her qualities and dressing in a way that makes her comfortable to do what she does best. Women can be as good as men. I also liked how she made the first move with Kamina, instead of waiting for him to make the first move.

I cried when Kamina died. I don't know how I feel about having him dead so early on in the series. I don't think the series would have been as successful if they had left him alive during the entire time as it fueled everything that followed after. It reminds me of Harry Potter and how Rowling killed off important characters for the push of humanity. I cried when the member of Dai-Gurren died. It felt like when the toys of Toy Story accepted their death. Stuff like that pulls my heartstrings. If Kittan had feelings for Yoko this whole time, I wish they explored that relationship further, and I thought it was interesting that her and Kittan was getting married in the extraterrestrial time freeze rather than her and Kamina. Because it was supposed to bring anything you thought to reality, but I guess without her knowledge of that, she was simply thinking of Kittan instead since he just died and all.

I wish they had found better happy endings for the main characters. I'm a sucker for happy conclusions and wish Simon and Yoko had remained in the capital or had more contact with each other. I also wished they had a more equal representation of male and females in the main battle. It could just be reflective of how our current society is progressing but they should have made that push anyway.

One thing I was unsure of is whether or not Viral could die at all. Obviously he's body could not take any damage but does that mean he could die of old age? I love how they integrated him into the creating a better society, especially when he questioned Simon for not allowing people to live back underground. He also became the general of something (can't remember what) later on. It's definitely shows how people have both darkness and goodness in them at the same time, but it's our will power that determines what our fates will be.

OKAY, so the main issue I have with this anime is this time jump. I was trying to figure out their ages that would make ANY sense in terms of their aging. Gimmy and Darry's growth made sense cause when we met them they were like 5-8 ish? Not sure, but assuming this is correct, then seven years later they actually looked like teenagers, then 20 years later they looked their proper age. BUT Simon's aging made no sense at all! Okay, let's assume he's like somewhere between 12-15 years. Viral did mention that he was facing a "Kid" when the whole time he thought he was facing Kamina. Point is, he had to be within this age. Then that would make him 19-22 during the second half of the season. Based on the context when Kamina said, "hey when did you get taller than me?" He HAD to have been somewhere in this age because this is where most male growth happens. Let's arguably say he was 12, like I had originally thought, which would make him 39 at the ending scene. I don't think he should look that old! This is just how I feel about it but I think people at the age of 39 would not look that old but maybe SOME signs of aging but not to as old looking as they drew him.

Honestly, I was quite sad when it ended. I wanted more from their stories but I think the writers wrapped it up really nicely in terms of not overbearing the story but giving the audience enough information. Let me know what you think of the series!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Sometimes all we need are the pretty colors. Round and Round they go. Only at night can we see their true beauty. I want to become one with them. I only want to live in the lights. Can't you see? We are meant to be.

T O P // Brandy Melville
D E N I M // Levi's
S N E A K E R S // Converse
B A G // Thrifted

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mood - Ambitious

It's raining in Southern California. A sweet gift to us down here as drought has become our eminent doom. It drives my soul: the cool weather and the water drenching the earth. I live for nights like these.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Manic Panic | Vampire Red Review

Being a red head was one of the last things I ever thought of becoming: 1) it seemed like a typical color people would dye their hair, and 2) it just never crossed my mind. I had originally planned to dye my hair Fuchsia Shock, which appeared to be a combination of red and purple dye (which I loved from when we did the galaxy hair), but I guess Sally's doesn't carry that one in store, so my mom came back with Vampire Red. I can't tell you how much I like how Manic Panic applies to the hair. I didn't even use a brush and just used my bare hand and applied it like it was conditioner and I was pretty successful at getting every spot on my head.
Right after first wash

It was REALLY red when I first dyed it and now faded to somewhat a pastel-like red and mixed with purple streaks because the color from the previous dye is coming through.

Five weeks later
This dye has been a pain though. Five weeks later it is STILL bleeding when I wash my hair. I haven't gone swimming with it so I would imagine it would continue to bleed or maybe finally stop bleeding?  Who knows. I definitely don't think this will fade light enough for for me to use a pink or green color, but probably have to transition into a purple but we'll see!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Life is better in Black, White...and Red

I love Cali because the Cali life is all about that relaxed vibe, where the weather is perfect anywhere on the West Coast, and you can find anything you've ever imagined, from food to clothing to music. Mermaids can walk amongst people and unicorns are no longer a dying breed. It's the place where anything is possible but only if you work for it, humble yourself, and find the right people. You'll definitely need the right pair of shoes and a rockin' outfit to make you stand out in this sea of people.

S U N // Burberry
D R E S S // No Rest for Bridget
B A G // Coach
B R A C E L E T S // H&M/Alex & Ani/Juicy Couture
F L A T S // Banana Republic