Monday, July 6, 2015

Life is better in Black, White...and Red

I love Cali because the Cali life is all about that relaxed vibe, where the weather is perfect anywhere on the West Coast, and you can find anything you've ever imagined, from food to clothing to music. Mermaids can walk amongst people and unicorns are no longer a dying breed. It's the place where anything is possible but only if you work for it, humble yourself, and find the right people. You'll definitely need the right pair of shoes and a rockin' outfit to make you stand out in this sea of people.

S U N // Burberry
D R E S S // No Rest for Bridget
B A G // Coach
B R A C E L E T S // H&M/Alex & Ani/Juicy Couture
F L A T S // Banana Republic

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