Monday, July 27, 2015

Issues I have with the standards of Modeling

Growing up was a real struggle for me, especially because modeling was something I was always interested in. The race thing never really bothered me, but the height issue was something that prevented me from achieving this ambition. From the research I've done, majority of women in the US are around 5'5", so why do we have this unrealistic person walking the runway? They are clearly in the tails of the normal distribution, thus the odds of them actually occurring in everyday life is a lot smaller than if someone who is 5'5". Why don't we have people who are shorter walking the runway? Oh because the dresses are made for tall people aka the people wearing them are the only ones who can buy it. I saw a casting call for "No Rest For Bridget" a boutique in Southern California, and the requirements of course were 5'9" and what not. Like what the heck man. I've bought clothes from them and they fit perfectly fine on someone who is 5'2" so why the hell am I not allowed to audition to model for them? It's so unrealistically shitty.

ALSO, being older, the race thing does bother me. Because realistically, what are the odds of someone who is asian being taller than 5'9". Unless you're mixed or have some really good genes, your hopes of modeling and being asian are really slim. Thanks a lot society, you've really ruined my self-esteem.

FORTUNATELY, there are other avenues of "modeling" which can be amateur-ish but at least it gives me something. Thank goodness for Instagram, Youtube, and Lookbook who don't give a rats ass of how tall you are because you just do your own thing.

Thanks for listening to my little rant.

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