Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Manic Panic | Vampire Red Review

Being a red head was one of the last things I ever thought of becoming: 1) it seemed like a typical color people would dye their hair, and 2) it just never crossed my mind. I had originally planned to dye my hair Fuchsia Shock, which appeared to be a combination of red and purple dye (which I loved from when we did the galaxy hair), but I guess Sally's doesn't carry that one in store, so my mom came back with Vampire Red. I can't tell you how much I like how Manic Panic applies to the hair. I didn't even use a brush and just used my bare hand and applied it like it was conditioner and I was pretty successful at getting every spot on my head.
Right after first wash

It was REALLY red when I first dyed it and now faded to somewhat a pastel-like red and mixed with purple streaks because the color from the previous dye is coming through.

Five weeks later
This dye has been a pain though. Five weeks later it is STILL bleeding when I wash my hair. I haven't gone swimming with it so I would imagine it would continue to bleed or maybe finally stop bleeding?  Who knows. I definitely don't think this will fade light enough for for me to use a pink or green color, but probably have to transition into a purple but we'll see!

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