Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Photo Courtesy of Victoria's Secret PINK

Why is currently my favorite bathing suit top? Simple. No removable padding.
Holy geez, it's so convenient not having to remove the padding or getting sand in that place that holds the padding. It's perfectly lined and not heavily pushed up so I absolutely love this swim top. I wish they made other prints but I guess one of every style is better than having multiple of one style but then again I have a bunch of bandeaux swim tops. Only con about this is the strappy back, so if you hate tan lines, this top is now for you. I'm sorry I buy things on sale so that this review is late for those you can no longer by this top. But if you're one of the few that have been holding onto this and not sure if you want to keep it, you should keep it! Haha. I got the color in the picture so I lucked out on that since the only color available on the website is like a teal and bright green.

Enjoy the rest of summer! x

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