Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Things you should (have) and should not (have) done at Coachella 2015

One thing I really loved about Coachella this year was that they gave away these Dubs, which are great for live music and great for protecting your hearing, especially if you want to listen to music for a long time. I know they have better "grade" earplugs on their website that can control sound I believe I can't remember offhand. But yes, reusable headphones are great.

NOTE ALL THE WATER LOCATIONS! The ones to look for are in the terrace,between Outdoor theater and Gobi, and behind Mojave. I've never personally been past Gobi but there's the H&M booth back there whichI've been dying to check out. Good thing is that every where takes credit card now so that's really awesome so having cash isn't as crucial as it's been in the past few years. OH YEAH THERE'S A PLACE FOR FLUSHABLE TOILETS! It's actually quite clean and better than anything I could ask for since it's flushable! I know for sure the one in Terrace is flushable but can't really say whether the other bathroom locations are. Be sure to take your free photo in the Record Store!
This place is way over hyped for their coffee. I'll give them props for their ice cream but they're coffees are not impressive. If you want coffee, spending extra money for gourmet coffee is not worth it (in my opinion). Their cookies are also quite dry but they may have improved since the last time I've had this.
Must give this place a try if you get a chance. I have only been there once and must say I enjoyed my experience there (although since I go to the location in Claremont, I'd prefer The Back Abbey). The truffle cheese fries are quite delicious and I can't remember what burgers I had but I remember liking it but again the caveat I'd still prefer The Back Abbey. Definitely give this place a try if you have access to it!

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