Thursday, April 3, 2014


Every look she wears could be a hit. Every video she makes could be viral. Every blog she write could catch your attention. But these aren't enough to be big. She struts her stuff every day and night to be seen beyond the screen of few. She yearns to reach the many. She tries to be unconventional, ordinary, whimsical, and charming. But the days continue to pass as she still goes unnoticed. She's been told she looks like Miley Cyrus but that doesn't get her anywhere. Take off the hat. Take of the heels. Take off the sunglasses. She's empty. She's your canvas. Everything she does can be big. You can be big. We are all just skin and bones, but it's our actions that make us human. Make your next move banging.

Skirt: Target
Sweater: Target
Pleather Bustier: Forever 21
Hat: Vintage
Boots: Steve Madden

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