Friday, March 28, 2014

El Paseo Fashion Week 2014

I've always wanted to go to a fashion show and this was one of the few I was able to actually buy tickets to go to. It's very interesting to see young minds and their designs. I used to think my calling was fashion design but it occurred to me later that I like wearing clothes more than I like designing them and putting pieces together in an interesting way. I was quite impressed with a few of the designers but some of them didn't meet my expectations. I was not impressed by the fact that some of the pieces were not fitted or tailored to the models, so some of the garments were loosely wrapped around the models and looked tacky.

I got to walk a red carpet and someone took my picture and I have no idea where it went. If you find it let me know!
 The Runway!! What I would do to walk a runway at least once!
The garden/lounge area. The lights were so pretty and colorful. I like this picture a lot because the camera captured the lights perfectly. If the lights were focused I don't think it would have captured the moment as well as it did.

I was definitely surprised to see younger kids there (ages 7-10) but at the same time wasn't. They could have been younger siblings of the designers but they were running around the grounds prior to the show. I was into the food! Wish I grabbed more and got to go to more days to experience the different chefs throughout the week. Good food is always a highlight for me.
Checking out the food,

The designers

Favorites by:
Blake Jordan Service
Octavius Terry
Christine Ko

Maybe I'll go to a different event next year for El Paseo Fashion Week. Or I'll get invited to New York, Paris, London, or Milan. A girl can dream right?


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