Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Club Trinidad Studio Suite

Yelp Review:

I'd give this place a 3.7 out of 5, although Yelp would force me to give it the full 4 stars.


  • Downtown area
  • Near major banks and grocery shopping
  • Affordable
  • Full Kitchen
  • Free Parking


  • Water gets hot really fast. Make sure you play with it before showering. 
  • You can hear a lot of things in the room next to you
  • Small Kitchen (that's just a personal preference)
  • Sometimes there isn't parking because the Purple Room people park in the places they aren't supposed to

Not a fan of the bed. It's very springy and I probably only had good sleep because I was tired from the festival. Good thing they deep clean every week so it's nice to know it's clean.
It's about more than a half hour from the Coachella festival and the shuttle is at The Saguaro Palm Springs which is literally right next to it so that's a plus if you want to take the shuttle.

Places near here:

  • Wells Fargo: 0.3 miles SW
  • Bank of America: 0.3 miles SW
  • Chase Bank: 0.3 miles SW
  • Vons 2.0 miles West
  • Target: 2.7 miles West
  • Trader Joes: 2.7 miles West
  • Downtown Palm Springs: 3 miles East
Tour of place:

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