Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ion Color Brilliance Brights | Rose Review

This is definitely most comparable to the Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink. I had a difficult time applying it because it just wouldn't absorb to my hair. But I did like a rainbow color scheme with the Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink as the main color. It looked awesome but the brightness of the other pink didn't let the Rose dye show as prominently. I didn't add any blue to it to keep the brassy colors out, which I wouldn't recommend anyway due to the lightness of the color already. As of right now (1.5 weeks later) it's still hanging in there, color wise but if you're going for a candy color pink I'd start with the brighter colors only to make it last longer.

I also used a protein filler prior which could have also enhanced the color as well as applied it to damp hair. Anyway, I'm sticking to just dying my roots to protect the rest of the color/hair, so I will probably be sticking to pink for awhile. Any other recommendations for pink dyes let me know.


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