Saturday, July 27, 2013

School buys - New Boots

Back to school is around the corner and for some of y'all it's in the next few weeks. There are what I've been looking at to add to my shoe collection for this new school year and fall essentially.
 I saw these displayed in Nordstrom and nearly bought it without thinking. It has the same style as the Troopa because it's still laced but it's half the height of the shaft of the boot and the cuff adds the perfect edge. If I do end up buying this, I would definitely choose the black since I already own brown boots. I own another pair of black booties from Forever 21. Have to say I'm not a huge fan of them. I've literally worn them like twice and they were both to Lady Gaga concerts. These would definitely replace them and get much better wear than those boots. BUT anyway! I would recommend buying them now during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I will probably wait on them, sad face cause I'm a broke college student. In the description is warns to order a size smaller cause I guess they run large so I would definitely try them on first.
 I love over the knee boots because I was inspired by Sailor Moon to own a pair. I currently own one over the knee boot (The American Rag ones) and adore them. I wore them throughout my San Francisco Trip and they kept me warm during the cooler weather of northern Cali. But I like these ones because they look almost thigh high and they don't flap over. I haven't tried them on yet, but if I ever get a chance to, I will let you know how they fit!
I've been unable to acquire my Human Aliens and Hellbounds, so I've been contemplating other pink shoes. I guess you can never have too many boots. These would definitely be a contender if they never come back in stock. Sad face.

Enjoy the weekend.


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