Saturday, July 27, 2013

J. Crew Kids' suede MacAlister Boots review

I bought these suckers in store and had them shipped to my house cause apparently J. Crew hates holding kids shoes in stores. Just kidding. I'm sure they have a wonderful reason why they don't carry more children's attire in their stores. ANYWAYS. So the lovely salesperson was really helpful in finding the shoe for me since clearly the men's size was way too large, and the funny thing is, we based off the size from literally measuring my friend's foot and even then it still too big and it ended up fitting me. I wear a size 7 and ordered k5 in the kids size so for future references and you're interesting in buying the kids shoes women's size 7 equates to kids k5 or whatever the sizing is on it.

There's the link in case you're interested in buying, which I'm sure isn't the case.
Happy Weekend.


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