Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quilted Nylon Tech Wristlet Review

Thought I'd blog about the other wallet I gave as a gift while I was at it. Here's it below.

My favorite part about this wallet is the lipstick compartment which I should have considered for myself but it worked out for the person I bought it for. It has MANY pockets more than I knew than when I purchased it. I believe there's one on each side of the wallet and one on the outside which is great for people who keep a lot of papers when shopping or receipts, or whatever you may put in your wallet. This quite bigger than the embellished canvas phone wallet wristlet since it has the lipstick holder and more card cases BUT there isn't a coin section which may be why there are so many pockets and there are more card holders as well. They're both beautiful wallets, I just happen to like the one I own better. :) 

Hurry before this one is sold out!


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