Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Embellished Canvas Phone Wallet Wristlet Review

This is my new favorite accessor that I received as a gift. I absolutely adore it. I first came across this shopping for a present for someone and then I got it as a present so it worked out just perfectly. I love the canvas on this piece and the leather interior. It isn't too big and it's not too small. The pocket is for a phone but mine is a bit too big so I just use it for other paper materials or cards. What's great about it is holds both money and change with the zipper. The only downside is that it's a bit lopsided when stuffing it to capacity but it's really not noticeable. Mine is in the color shown above and it's by far the most appealing. I liked it in grey but was surprised when I received it in the tan color and loved it even more. It's a beautiful wallet and a great accessory. Unfortunately it's sold out online! Lucky for my I got it in time. But in case you happen to come across it in store, it's a definite must buy. It's affordable and super adorable.

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