Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I Ate in Portland

Here is a breakdown of the places that I visited in case you don't want the wordy explanations of why you should visit these places:


  • 1 location (Downtown Portland)
  • Mexican Food
  • Must try: Desebrada Chimichanga
  • FYI: Open late (til 2 am)


  • 1 location (off Burnside Street)
  • Creole/Cajun Food
  • Must try: Hot Dark Chocolate 
  • FYI: Get there early! Most days this place is super busy, but I was fortunate enough to only wait 30 minutes


  • 1 location (off Burnside Street, right next to Screen Door)
  • Southeast Asian Coffee
  • Must try: Thai Tea
  • FYI: This is definitely something you might need to get accustomed to


  • 1 location + 2 food carts
  • Thai Food
  • Must try: Khao Man Gai
  • FYI: DO NOT ORDER THEIR THAI TEA. You'll definitely regret this purchase.


  • 2 locations
  • Donuts
  • Must try: Didn't sample too many things, but I liked their glazed donut
  • FYI: Voodoo Too (the second location) has better rating on yelp


  • 1 location in Vancouver, WA
  • Coffee, bear and wine
  • Must try: Kumbacha
  • FYI: Once a month they have comedy nights!!


  • 1 location
  • Coffee & Chocolate
  • Must try: Con Panna
  • FYI: SUPER bike friendly. You can bring your bikes into the shop and mount them onto the wall


  • 3 locations in Portland + 1 in L.A. + 1 in Tokyo
  • Donuts
  • Must try: The O.G. Glazed, hands down
  • FYI: These donuts are on the pricier side but they are so high quality it's worth every penny


  • 1 location (Hawthorne Blvd)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly styled sandwiches
  • Must try: Smoking Goat
  • FYI: Share with friends so you can try multiple food carts!

  • 1 location (Hawthorne Blvd)
  • Poutine
  • Must try: Satay Poutine
  • FYI: Order the smallest size because it's very filling

  • 1 location
  • Chai and Donuts
  • Must try: Ginger Rodgers
  • FYI: Do not visit if you've already eaten donuts today

  • 3 locations in Portland + 2 in L.A.
  • Homemade Ice Cream
  • Must try: Stumptown Coffee and Burnside Bourbon
  • FYI: There's not an actual age restriction on the 'Kids Cone' :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Going to Portland was my first adventure where I did very 'adult' things. I bought my first plane ticket and rented my first car. So I've compiled a list of tips for first time travelers.


I had booked Spirit Airlines with reluctance. I had saw so many videos saying how terrible it is in terms of service and having to pay for everything. I had wanted to bring my Jansport backpack which went over their height limit by .75 inches. I called their customer service and they stressed as long as my bag fit in the seat in front me, I will not be charged the "Carry-on fee". Okay great. I went to pack my bag and had a freak out moment because I thought I had over packed since my bag was started to bulge. This was a blessing in disguise because unloading my bag of unnecessary things made my trip easier to travel light. I had also preplanned my outfits and toiletries so I wouldn't have a lot of unnecessary items to carry and everything I brought I used. I had also reserved my rental car online prior to arriving to ensure I would have a car and prepaid for gas for when I returned the car (not sure if that was the best option but let me know what you have done).


With my first tip, I called the airline customer service to verify the carry-on rule. I had also called my hotel to let them know I will be arriving at a really late time. Not sure if that would have affected anything, but I'd imagine that them knowing I was showing up really late would alleviate their stress of wondering where I am. I'd like to believe that right? Anyway, during this call (I had read on their website they charge for overnight parking in their garage) I had asked if they include free parking. Unfortunately, they charge $30 a night but because I had told her that I was coming in so late, she had suggested to park on the street overnight for FREE because the parking meters typically run from 8am to 8pm, and then wake up in the morning to pay by the hour for parking. Thank you to the front desk lady who had given me this information. I had saved $52 from NOT parking in their garage ($60 minus the $8 I had put in the meters in the morning). Personal WIN!


I had less than 48 hours to be in Portland. I had arrived around 10pm Thursday night and I had left around 8pm Saturday night. Realistically, I had about 26 hours accounting for sleeping. So I had written down everything I wanted to do/see and organized them in a way that would allow for them to all fit. Multnomah Falls was a must, so this drove my reason to rent a car versus taking Uber. I figured I wouldn't be back in Portland for awhile so this is a must see. Screen Door, Voodoo Doughnuts, Powell's Bookstore, Nong's Khao Man Gai, Pip's Doughnuts, Salt & Straw and PDX Bike Tour were necessary on our itinerary. So assuming each meal would take an hour long and bike tour would take approx 2.5 hours and mapping out each destination, I organized the events as such:

- Arrive around 10:30 pm
- Get car @ 11 pm
- Check-in Hotel around 11:30 pm
- Multnomah Falls
- Powell's Bookstore/Voodoo Doughnuts  (because they were within a block of each other)
- Bike Tour @ 9 am
- Pip's Doughnuts
- Dinner ?? @ 4:30 pm
- Return Car by 6 pm

Which leads me to my next tip


With having everything laid out, I knew where I would and would not have time to do things. Clearly Friday was the day to fit most things in because there weren't any restrictions on arrival or departing. I was hungry when I arrived in Portland, so I yelped restaurants open at 12 am and found Santeria; after eating at Screen Door we stumbled upon Kopi Coffee; after seeing the Falls we made a view stop at the the Columbia River and stopped at the outlet stores; and made an impromptu trip to Vancouver, WA after eating dinner. Each of these little finds made my trip memorable and I'm so glad I got to experience each stop and food I ate.

With that being said, I wish you first time travelers the best of luck on your trip and hope you have a great time. Please ask questions if there is anything specific you would like to know about traveling or what I did in Portland.

Have fun!

Monday, February 29, 2016


When you're traveling a place
with so little time
finding ways to be fashionable
is such a crime

But never fear
when there's a will there's a way
and thank goodness
it was sunny all day

When you go to a place
that rains most of the time
you'll be glad
you spent that dime

Rainwear is important
When you live in Portland
So don't be a fool
And play it cool

Find a way
to sneak your favorite outfit
Under the layers
And you'll still look legit

They won't see
You're a tourist in disguise

RAIN JACKET // The North Face
SWEATER // Forever 21
DENIM // Levi's
BOOTS // Alice + Whittles

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Argon Oil 2N Black Review

Going from colorful hair to my old black hair is one of my worse nightmares. Not because I don’t think black hair is beautiful, but because I feel like I’m losing a sense of myself. A chameleon that constantly keeps changing whenever I feel like it. Going into the real job market has forced me to conform and become their standard of “clean cut” and “professional looking”. 

2 applications my butt. I needed the whole tube for my hair.

With that being said I used Argon Oil’s 2N Black Dye with a 20 Developer. Using this dye was super easy as previous reviews had written. The women at Sally’s suggested that I use a protein filler so that color would hold. Truthfully, I don’t think I really needed the protein filler because of the type of dye but I couldn’t take any chances. I transferred the protein filler into a spray bottle so I could easily apply it and be less messy. So I washed my hair, blow-dried it until it was damp and then sprayed a generous amount into my hair. I then brushed my hair so the filler would get somewhat evenly through the hair and let that sit in for 20 minutes. My hair was probably wet with the amount of filler I sprayed in my hair so I believe I ended up dying my hair damp. My hair is fairly long and pretty thick, and the lady at Sally’s told me that the bottle of dye I bought was more than enough. Here I’m thinking, 2 ounces of dye should be enough. Big mistake. I should have poured the entire tube out because I think my ratios were off, which eventually made my hair a bit uneven. The under parts of my hair a darker while the upper parts of my hair are more brown. This could also be due to the way my hair was bleached but I think the unevenness was attributed to the dye-developer ratio. So when measuring the developer, make sure it is truly one ounce because I just used the cap of the bottle to measure it out which was probably under an ounce. 

Long story short, I would use this dye again to do my ‘normal’ colors. My sister and mom have used this dye before so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this dye but other reviews were complaining how the color didn’t hold and that it fades fast (probably because they didn’t use protein filler?), so we’ll see how this dye washes out. Argon Oil definitely does make your hair softer after use which I find very interesting about the product since developer is going into the mixture. Would recommend for people who are transitioning from colorful hair to darker hair.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016



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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Manic Panic Purple Haze Review

So I realize this review is long over due since I have already changed my hair color and failed to update what purple haze looks like, I thought I would let you know my thoughts on this particular dye in words and pictures.

Love this color. However, it did not come out as I had expected. The pictures on Manic Panic's Website and Sally's Beauty Supply looked more red. This was a solid purple. Then again, I had dyed over my pink hair which may have altered the coloring on it, but I figured Purple Haze was dark enough that it was over power my pink hair.
2 days after dying session. 
2 days after dying session

Just like all the Manic Panic dyes, the consistency is fantastic. It's easy to apply and it makes your hair feeling soft after. Unlike most Manic Panic dyes, this one started to fade pretty fast. Fortunately, it was fading into this cool ombre pink/purple colors which totally worked but then it got really weird when the under colors of my blues (from like 3 dye sessions ago) was showing through. This could have been for a few reasons.
1. I've been taking obnoxiously hot showers.
2. Lately, I've been washing my hair more often.

3 weeks after dye
Or it could have just been the dye. I was honestly expecting Purple Haze to fade into a more greenish color, like the way Ion Color Brilliance faded into this grayish/greenish/blueish color. And I expected it to hold in general. When I used Purple in Ion Color Brilliance, the color was still even throughout and it maintained whatever color it became whereas when Purple Haze faded out, it returned back to its bleached state (like a coppery blond). So it ended up looking like this.

9 weeks later

A mixture of lavender towards the end, some pinks, and the copper blond in the middle. Doesn't make any sense to me. It still looks cool, but as I said, I wish the purple lasted a little longer. Let me know how your Purple Haze turned out!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


There's always that fine line
between black and white
black is the absence of color
while white is all color

Black is mysterious
White is innocence
Black is evil
White is good

I could lie in between
where all is grey
but we're all extremists
and want to see in only black and white

I could dress in all black
and take away the color
but little pops 
just make everything better

I need color
I love the colors in my hair
and the color throughout the world
so I'll continue to travel between spectrums
taking on both extremes

Hat // Dresslink
Coat // Dresslink
Button Up // H&M
Black Jeans // Levi's
Wedges // Tilly's

This has become my favorite coat. It's lightweight but still keeps my warm. And I love the length which goes right above the knee. You can never go wrong with black and white. As I've mentioned, I've been wanting a hat like this for some time now so it's been a great addition to my wardrobe. 

Check out Dresslink and their great affordable styles. 


♥$0.01 Items:

Free Shipping Items: 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


When coming across ZNU, I also found Dresslink which has crazy affordable prices! The best thing about their website is that they offer 1 cent items! Isn't that crazy? However,  I do feel their clothing it is a hit or miss. A lot of the reviews really seem to like the products but the sizing is a bit confusing since they are Chinese sizes. With that in mind, I would suggest ordering a size up from your normal size. Also, sometimes the product is not the same as the picture/description so be weary of that, but the item still looks great. With that being said, let's jump into the wishlist!

One of the 1 cent items I adored was this Fashion Fairy Princess Skirt. Tulle is my weakness and if I had found this skirt sooner, I would have put it on my order!

Ughuhhh. The color and texture of this coat is lovely. I really wanted to pick this one but it was totally out of my price range and I felt it would just sit in my closet. But I had such an urge to buy it. Maybe on my next purchase

Ripped denim is definitely coming back in style. I think the last time I purchased ripped denim jeans was about 7 years ago, so it definitely seems about that time it comes back to a popular style. Specifically black ripped jeans. I've never owned a pair of black ripped jeans but they would work perfect with a grunge outfit. Dress the jeans up or down, you can't ruin the look. AND these particular pair were high-waisted. Triple win for me.
I absolutely adore these trousers! I feel like I would neglect them if I actually purchased them but I love this look so much! personally, I'd pair it with a crop top but I love what this girl did with them.

I've also been needing another pair of high waisted shorts and these come in multiple colors!

I am in love with this coat. I had to have it! So this is one of the first items I've ordered in which I ordered a Medium (usually I wear a size Small). Hopefully it fits well because I'd be so bummed if it fit too tight.

I also ordered this hat because I've been wanting one of these suckers for a long time. I keep borrowing my friend's hat so I thought I'd get one of my own.

So at this point, I'm waiting for the last two items to come in and I'll put a look together with them, so stay tuned for that. Hope you're all well. Let me know which item is your fav in the comments!


Visit Dresslink:  

NOTE: All images were provided courtesy of Dresslink.
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Monday, January 4, 2016



Happy New Year everybody!

Out with the old, and in with the new right? Some of you may be wanting to freshen up your wardrobe or simply get new clothes. Maybe you've made a New Year's resolution to update your wardrobe? I've been trying to find other brands to change up my wardrobe a bit. I've been looking in ZNU and found some great pieces.

Yes I'm your basic kind of girl. If I can get any sweater to fit as a dress, you know I'll be wearing it. Black clothing has become a staple in my wardrobe since I frequently dye my hair, so adding this piece would definitely be an asset.
There's one words to describe this dress.  Stunning. Don't need to say more.
I have no idea when I would ever wear this but I love this gothic piece and they have so many to choose from!
I love high neck pieces, lace bodices, and black clothing. Easy go-to piece and the back is nice and open as well so it breaths really well.

This outfit screams Coachella ready. And yes, it comes with both the halter and skirt. I love the high slit and mid length on the skirt. Perfect for spring/summer outfit.

As black is a staple in my wardrobe, so is white. I love this floor length dress and its open back. The design on the bodice and its elegance is simply stunning.
This dress combines a lot of elements into it. The deep V neck, body con, and A-line skirt with sheer lining I thought was very interesting, but I still like it! 

And of course spring break is right around the corner, so who can't forget a high-waisted bathing suit? I've been looking for nice fitting one for almost three years now and I love the simplicity of this set, even though the bottoms scream bright colors. 

With that being said, I've partnered with ZNU and they're giving one of my readers a free item from their website and a one month VIP membership.

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