Thursday, February 18, 2016

H A I R // Argon Oil 2N Black Review

Going from colorful hair to my old black hair is one of my worse nightmares. Not because I don’t think black hair is beautiful, but because I feel like I’m losing a sense of myself. A chameleon that constantly keeps changing whenever I feel like it. Going into the real job market has forced me to conform and become their standard of “clean cut” and “professional looking”. 

2 applications my butt. I needed the whole tube for my hair.

With that being said I used Argon Oil’s 2N Black Dye with a 20 Developer. Using this dye was super easy as previous reviews had written. The women at Sally’s suggested that I use a protein filler so that color would hold. Truthfully, I don’t think I really needed the protein filler because of the type of dye but I couldn’t take any chances. I transferred the protein filler into a spray bottle so I could easily apply it and be less messy. So I washed my hair, blow-dried it until it was damp and then sprayed a generous amount into my hair. I then brushed my hair so the filler would get somewhat evenly through the hair and let that sit in for 20 minutes. My hair was probably wet with the amount of filler I sprayed in my hair so I believe I ended up dying my hair damp. My hair is fairly long and pretty thick, and the lady at Sally’s told me that the bottle of dye I bought was more than enough. Here I’m thinking, 2 ounces of dye should be enough. Big mistake. I should have poured the entire tube out because I think my ratios were off, which eventually made my hair a bit uneven. The under parts of my hair a darker while the upper parts of my hair are more brown. This could also be due to the way my hair was bleached but I think the unevenness was attributed to the dye-developer ratio. So when measuring the developer, make sure it is truly one ounce because I just used the cap of the bottle to measure it out which was probably under an ounce. 

Long story short, I would use this dye again to do my ‘normal’ colors. My sister and mom have used this dye before so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this dye but other reviews were complaining how the color didn’t hold and that it fades fast (probably because they didn’t use protein filler?), so we’ll see how this dye washes out. Argon Oil definitely does make your hair softer after use which I find very interesting about the product since developer is going into the mixture. Would recommend for people who are transitioning from colorful hair to darker hair.

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