Wednesday, January 13, 2016


When coming across ZNU, I also found Dresslink which has crazy affordable prices! The best thing about their website is that they offer 1 cent items! Isn't that crazy? However,  I do feel their clothing it is a hit or miss. A lot of the reviews really seem to like the products but the sizing is a bit confusing since they are Chinese sizes. With that in mind, I would suggest ordering a size up from your normal size. Also, sometimes the product is not the same as the picture/description so be weary of that, but the item still looks great. With that being said, let's jump into the wishlist!

One of the 1 cent items I adored was this Fashion Fairy Princess Skirt. Tulle is my weakness and if I had found this skirt sooner, I would have put it on my order!

Ughuhhh. The color and texture of this coat is lovely. I really wanted to pick this one but it was totally out of my price range and I felt it would just sit in my closet. But I had such an urge to buy it. Maybe on my next purchase

Ripped denim is definitely coming back in style. I think the last time I purchased ripped denim jeans was about 7 years ago, so it definitely seems about that time it comes back to a popular style. Specifically black ripped jeans. I've never owned a pair of black ripped jeans but they would work perfect with a grunge outfit. Dress the jeans up or down, you can't ruin the look. AND these particular pair were high-waisted. Triple win for me.
I absolutely adore these trousers! I feel like I would neglect them if I actually purchased them but I love this look so much! personally, I'd pair it with a crop top but I love what this girl did with them.

I've also been needing another pair of high waisted shorts and these come in multiple colors!

I am in love with this coat. I had to have it! So this is one of the first items I've ordered in which I ordered a Medium (usually I wear a size Small). Hopefully it fits well because I'd be so bummed if it fit too tight.

I also ordered this hat because I've been wanting one of these suckers for a long time. I keep borrowing my friend's hat so I thought I'd get one of my own.

So at this point, I'm waiting for the last two items to come in and I'll put a look together with them, so stay tuned for that. Hope you're all well. Let me know which item is your fav in the comments!


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NOTE: All images were provided courtesy of Dresslink.
FTC: This blog is sponsored by Dresslink. All items picked in this wishlist were chosen by me. I am not being paid to write this blog.

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