Tuesday, February 9, 2016

H A I R // Manic Panic Purple Haze Review

So I realize this review is long over due since I have already changed my hair color and failed to update what purple haze looks like, I thought I would let you know my thoughts on this particular dye in words and pictures.

Love this color. However, it did not come out as I had expected. The pictures on Manic Panic's Website and Sally's Beauty Supply looked more red. This was a solid purple. Then again, I had dyed over my pink hair which may have altered the coloring on it, but I figured Purple Haze was dark enough that it was over power my pink hair.
2 days after dying session. 
2 days after dying session

Just like all the Manic Panic dyes, the consistency is fantastic. It's easy to apply and it makes your hair feeling soft after. Unlike most Manic Panic dyes, this one started to fade pretty fast. Fortunately, it was fading into this cool ombre pink/purple colors which totally worked but then it got really weird when the under colors of my blues (from like 3 dye sessions ago) was showing through. This could have been for a few reasons.
1. I've been taking obnoxiously hot showers.
2. Lately, I've been washing my hair more often.

3 weeks after dye
Or it could have just been the dye. I was honestly expecting Purple Haze to fade into a more greenish color, like the way Ion Color Brilliance faded into this grayish/greenish/blueish color. And I expected it to hold in general. When I used Purple in Ion Color Brilliance, the color was still even throughout and it maintained whatever color it became whereas when Purple Haze faded out, it returned back to its bleached state (like a coppery blond). So it ended up looking like this.

9 weeks later

A mixture of lavender towards the end, some pinks, and the copper blond in the middle. Doesn't make any sense to me. It still looks cool, but as I said, I wish the purple lasted a little longer. Let me know how your Purple Haze turned out!

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