Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunshine Daisies

If only the unreal were real, magical spells and witchhunts and enchanted forests. I keep dreaming of the day I'll find my way there. Does it only exist in our minds or can magic become a reality? Have you read the books or become part of the music? Is fantasy it's own form of religion or are we doomed to mundane life. We take the brightness in our lives and decide to make our own magic.

Let's chase the sun.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Ion Color Brilliance Azure Review

If you don't want an extreme blue but more lighter this is the color for you. IT IS NOT A PASTEL COLOR so if you're going for that pastel look this is not the dye for you. I didn't have an issue putting the blue over the pink so it didn't come out looking purple (in the areas where it was still pink). For blue dye, this is the one I'd recommend hands down. It's always even and the color comes out really good.

My hair wasn't super white when I put it in so I wouldn't worry about it turning green later. I've honestly never had the green problem with the blue but actually with the purple dye. But it wasn't a big deal because it was like a hue of green but not like green green (if that makes sense). The only one that turned green for me was the Aqua in this brand. It started off as a nice teal color but the more it was washed the more green it turned. I haven't played with any of the lime green colors but I'm almost tempted to try it.

I didn't make a big deal about sectioning off the hair in terms of wrapping it in foil just let it hang. I think once a section of hair is dyed it's protected against the other colors. At least from my experience, I can't speak for others.

Check out videos with this hair:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Club Trinidad Studio Suite

Yelp Review:

I'd give this place a 3.7 out of 5, although Yelp would force me to give it the full 4 stars.


  • Downtown area
  • Near major banks and grocery shopping
  • Affordable
  • Full Kitchen
  • Free Parking


  • Water gets hot really fast. Make sure you play with it before showering. 
  • You can hear a lot of things in the room next to you
  • Small Kitchen (that's just a personal preference)
  • Sometimes there isn't parking because the Purple Room people park in the places they aren't supposed to

Not a fan of the bed. It's very springy and I probably only had good sleep because I was tired from the festival. Good thing they deep clean every week so it's nice to know it's clean.
It's about more than a half hour from the Coachella festival and the shuttle is at The Saguaro Palm Springs which is literally right next to it so that's a plus if you want to take the shuttle.

Places near here:

  • Wells Fargo: 0.3 miles SW
  • Bank of America: 0.3 miles SW
  • Chase Bank: 0.3 miles SW
  • Vons 2.0 miles West
  • Target: 2.7 miles West
  • Trader Joes: 2.7 miles West
  • Downtown Palm Springs: 3 miles East
Tour of place:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ion Color Brilliance Brights | Rose Review

This is definitely most comparable to the Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink. I had a difficult time applying it because it just wouldn't absorb to my hair. But I did like a rainbow color scheme with the Color Jamz Bubble Head Pink as the main color. It looked awesome but the brightness of the other pink didn't let the Rose dye show as prominently. I didn't add any blue to it to keep the brassy colors out, which I wouldn't recommend anyway due to the lightness of the color already. As of right now (1.5 weeks later) it's still hanging in there, color wise but if you're going for a candy color pink I'd start with the brighter colors only to make it last longer.

I also used a protein filler prior which could have also enhanced the color as well as applied it to damp hair. Anyway, I'm sticking to just dying my roots to protect the rest of the color/hair, so I will probably be sticking to pink for awhile. Any other recommendations for pink dyes let me know.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Chasing the Sun | Part II

She's got color in her hair

and ambition in her eyes
she only chases what's beyond her reach
She'll keep on thriving on the light that's left behind the sunset



I've just returned from the valley of music and arts. If you follow me on Instagram, Friday was the perfect Coachella day ever in the history of Coachella (like I could say what is the best Coachella day, I've only been to two). But let me tell you why. First off, it drizzled!! Holy moly it cooled down the desert and I was a very happy camper. I love the rain and I like the cold. To have both in Coachella was the perfect combination. Secondly, there was probably half of the Coachella goers actually in attendance that day. WHY? It's Friday, people haven't got off work yet. Two: it's raining and no one wants to get wet. Three: the line up wasn't too thrilling. Four: They just weren't ready. Five: They came later in the day. Six: they were actually there but they had to go fix their tents? I dunno, this could be an exhaustive list of reasons why Friday was pretty empty. I stayed for about 3 artists and walked around the place.

Art pieces: Light up Mirrors. Giant Astronaut (replaced the Snail), Giant Robot, Giant light bender thing. Garden caterpillar.

Pluses about Coachella 2014:

  • FINALLY HAD FLUSHING TOILETS! OMG that was the best thing to know ever. I actually used the restroom on site! WARNING! It starts to smell really bad by day 3. I'm guessing it's because the portapotties haven't been removed/replaced and man, BEWARE.
  • MORE SHADE! They had more areas that shaded Coachella goers in the Terrace area and by the outdoor stage. Last year people were dying from the lack of shade and exposure to the sun
  • FOOD! No I didn't try all of it. But the ones I did try were legit. Like the Cousins Maine Lobster truck and Salt and Straw from Portland, Oregon. I got the lobster roll and it wasn't the best lobster roll I've ever had but I liked that they had HUGE chunks of lobster in it. Wish the portion was bigger. NOT WORTH THE PRICE! $16?? I literally ate 5 bites of it and finished it. I was so sad. I got the Coffee and Bourbon ice cream from Salt and Straw and it was literally the best coffee ice cream I've ever consumed. Coffee is the only ice cream I enjoy eating. Go figure. That's an extensive story I might share with you another time but the point is, if you're ever in the Portland area, GO GO GO! This was also expensive $7 a scoop. HOLY F!#$! Geezus. If you go broke at Coachella, it doesn't surprise me. I must say it was worth it only because my travel plans do not involve Portland in the near future. 

    • Cousins Maine Lobster Truck:
    • Salt and Straw:
  • WATER WAS MORE ACCESSIBLE! I finally got to fill my bottle because there wasn't a freakishly long line. Not sure if it was my particular location I picked or because they just got with it. Bought 2 water bottles aside from refill due to forgot it the first day and desperation (waited for Lana and need water stat!).
  • I feel like there was less weed. My assumption that Easter landed on 4/20 so people were less obligated to get high. UNLESS it was because it was towards the end of the weekend. Who knows.
  • YELLOW PATH WAS AWESOME. They cut out some BS paths of going around things so it was a shorter walk. So that added to my relief. 

  • Tell me why Lana was on the Outdoor Stage? Why?! It was chaos! Pure chaos! I've never seen an audience so crammed and dedicated to see an artist aside from Gaga. Call me ignorant but GEEZ! People were hopping the VIP gate and shoving to get the front. Definitely should have been on the Coachella Stage.
  • Why do people think it's okay to violate other people's personal space? Like dude keep your hands to yourself and no one will get hurt. Just because it's dark and you think people don't know you doesn't give you the right to touch other people. Fuck off.
  • THE HEAT KILLS ME. Waiting 4 hours for Lana drained me. There was no breeze and it just wouldn't cool down. The universe should hear me and fix this shit. 
  • Still waited super long to get in. Literally I feel like the organization of this aspect should get better. Not sure how but there has to be a better way to check people or make it go faster.
Didn't particularly care for the Merch this year so I opted for a Lana Del Rey shirt which is total shit anyway cause the flecks of gold on it are falling off. Not sure if intentional or just cheap material. ANYWAY. I'll be framing that instead of wearing it.

I tried to crab fries which was interesting. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

The line for Kogi was ridiculous. If you live in the LA area this was so not worth waiting for Kogi. Who am I to say cause the Maine Lobster truck is too but I never heard of it. POINT IS. If you're in LA, try the Kogi truck outside of Coachella. Cheaper prices and shorter lines (depending on what day you find it).

Did I care about fashion this year? I tried. But my comfort trumped style so I opted for lighter pieces. Even though I did choose to do my make up. For a shorter list of musts see below, for more detail keep reading. WIDE BRIM HAT IS SUCH A NECESSITY! Although my body was dying my head stayed cool and sweat free because I wore a hat. I applied sunscreen every 3 hours so I didn't burn. I wore combat boots to keep dust out of my shoes. I brought a light weight scarf to also keep dust and smoke out and it worked magnificently as a shading aid. Also wet that sucker and you have a personal AC. Downside. It dries ridiculously fast but it makes a world of a difference when it's wet and you have it wrapped around you or over your head. I can't stress bringing cash enough. I thought last year they had more card options but this year it was cash only for a lot of the sites. Not sure why it changed but it's just what I noticed. ATM machines suck. They take your money so bring it ahead of time!

My Coachella musts:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Combat Boots
  • Wide Brim Hats
  • Gallon Bottles (or biggest bottle you can carry)
  • Scarf/Bandana
  • CASH
Got a lot of compliments on my hair. RAINBOW HAIR IS IN! *Hair flip* chyeahh.

Someone asked for my picture for a French magazine. IF YOU SEE IT YOU MUST TELL ME! It totally slipped my mind to ask her where I can find it. So dumb. I was wearing the outfit in the second picture if you find it!

Hope this helps for your future Coachellas.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


OMG have you seen these pieces? The embroidery is fabulous on these pieces. They are so elegant and beautiful. I'm not sure if they are only available online, I didn't really see the details about it but they are quite expensive. If I had an event to go to I'd totally buy the last three pieces. Just drooling over how beautiful they are. Below are photos of my favorite items. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chasing the Sun | Part I

I’m an old soul and feel... as though I  never stop chasing. 
From where I stand, the world seems so... distant.. and... destructive.
But I thrived and i was formed from this..  this destroyed and scattered debris...
Certain phases in my life make me feel. so. small.
But just know.. that when the sun goes down. it’s when I shine the brightest.

Part I
Crop Top: Styles For Less
Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics
High Waisted Jeans: H&M
Sweater: Levi's
Combat Boots: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: VS PINK

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Every look she wears could be a hit. Every video she makes could be viral. Every blog she write could catch your attention. But these aren't enough to be big. She struts her stuff every day and night to be seen beyond the screen of few. She yearns to reach the many. She tries to be unconventional, ordinary, whimsical, and charming. But the days continue to pass as she still goes unnoticed. She's been told she looks like Miley Cyrus but that doesn't get her anywhere. Take off the hat. Take of the heels. Take off the sunglasses. She's empty. She's your canvas. Everything she does can be big. You can be big. We are all just skin and bones, but it's our actions that make us human. Make your next move banging.

Skirt: Target
Sweater: Target
Pleather Bustier: Forever 21
Hat: Vintage
Boots: Steve Madden