Friday, October 17, 2014

RE: 24 Trends Guys HATE But Women Love Right now

Everything is totally wrong with the comments on this. It's okay that they dislike the trends but their comments are so assholey it's rude. I am offended.

At first I was like okay, I can agree with some of the stuff (e.g., peplum shirts and wedge sneakers, I personally just don't care for them but I'm not going to criticize any person who wishes to wear them), but then criticizing high-waisted anything, fake nails, bright lipstick and "Too High heels", it feels like they're threatened by a strong woman. It sounds domineering and anti-feminine. Get over yourself.

Few of the pet peeves.

High Waisted Jeans and Mom comment - are you trying to criticize mom's then for wearing that type of clothing? It's like trying to insult a mom.

Ulta High Heels - are you threatened by a woman who's taller than you?

The Pant Suit - By all means, if it makes her feel confident when she goes to work, let her rock it.

Criticizing the Drop-Crotch pants? So it's okay for men to wear their pants that low but not okay for women? Okay hypocrites.

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