Friday, October 24, 2014

GRWM & OOTN Feat. The Mechanical Bull Tour

Talk about one of the hottest nights of October. No joke it felt like Palms Springs summer in Hollywood on an October night. It's unbelievable how how it was. I was anticipating to wear tights and socks but it didn't even get cool enough for me to want to put on either of the items. I got seats down in the box area which was a totally different experience from up in the bleachers. Either way, the Bowl is very tightly packed and even though you get more space down in the boxes, the chairs are still RIGHT next to each other. Luckily the other people in our box didn't end up showing up so it was quite comfy.

I was drawn to this concert since I'm a Young the Giant fan and knew that Kings of Leon played well live, so it seemed only common sense to go. I wish I had went to the Irvine show because YTG had a longer set and that's who I mainly came to see. So bummed they only played for like 40 min. It seemed really odd to me that they would be an opener since they've had headline shows themselves. They didn't even play half the songs I thought they'd play and I must say I enjoyed my last concert with them at the OC Country Fair much better. It was cool to see Kings of Leon but I pretty much only knew like three songs so it wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it'd be. Guess I should learn lyrics before I see shows huh?

And Christ Martin showed up. I think this is the closest to a Coldplay concert I will ever be.

The make up was inspired by Gaga's. I wish I could get it to look half as good as hers and when I finished I thought it looked similar and then I looked at the picture again and I was like not even close.

This could be due to our eye shape and that she has a professional make-up artist doing her face. Also, it looks like she has gel liner and went heavier on the black. Must try it again.

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