Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pür Foundation Review | Light

As you may or may not have known, I have acne prone skin and so finding a good foundation that doesn't cause breakouts has been a struggle for me. Since early January of this year, I stopped using any face make up products in fear of causing irritation on my skin and thus causing me to breakout. I've finally got to a point in my skin journey where my skin is not quite clear but much better than it has been in years. I get occasional breakouts but the redness is mostly gone. On my mission to finding a new foundation. I went to Ulta to get new samples but unfortunately they don't give samples any more. So I sat there and the worker put the PÜR foundation on me because the one I was interested in (derma brand something) was remodeling their packaging and said that probably feel heavy on my skin. She said that PÜR had great coverage and felt light on the skin. I must say it did feel light, covered all my acne scars, and it felt very mattified. So touching it after application was immovable. I thought Light was too light for me but after wearing it throughout the day and letting it mix with my natural oils did it finally look okay. I haven't tried it again but from this one instance, I feel sold on this product. Let me know your thoughts and whether it's good for acne prone skin. 


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