Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reactions to Once Upon A Time Season 4 Premiere

I was super stoked for this premiere. I absolutely made no plans to make sure I caught this episode right when it was released for my time zone, to be sadly let down by one of the least intriguing episodes I've ever watched of Once Upon a Time. I'm probably the only one feeling this way but I just don't feel that it's magical. It feels quite gimmicky and rushed together. The way they ended Season 3 was freakin awesome and brilliant and it was just perfect, so to watch this was a complete let down.

I think introducing Anna and Elsa this way was a brilliant idea (i.e., it's staged after the movie ended with Anna being engaged to Kristof) but I just don't feel interested. I think they did a great job of matching the actors to their characters, especially Anna's. She replicated Kristen Bell's ditzy-ness and bubbly-ness of Anna. I was not a fan of Kristof's acting. I thought he had no soul or passion for the character. I liked how they brought in the trolls and the giant snowman (although his name slips my mind, trust me he has a name. Check out the Frozen Free Fall game if you don't believe me). So here's a list of the major issues I have with this episode:

The time span makes no sense at all. Unless Anna, Elsa, AND Kristof were some how frozen in time, it makes no sense how they got from "A very long time ago" to "Present Day". Uh what the heck? They didn't think about that when they wrote it and it's like I understand they're going back and forth between the two worlds but I still think the present day in the Enchanted Forest ticks the same was as Storybrooke. Unless they exist in some weird time continuum, I'm just not happy about the whole time issue.

So Regina wants to "change her fate"right? But the major issue I have with "finding the author" is that I THOUGHT it was Pinocchio. Since he's the one who made the book to give to Emma to make her believe and now the book becomes it's own entity that magically changes on it's own to illustrate the happy endings. Now if it is Pinocchio, are they going to revert him back to August E. Booth (who is by the way, supposed to be older than Emma by some odd years), this theory makes no sense at all! I mean I would love to have August come back as a character but some major magic is going to need to do this and it just gets so confusing! UNLESS they make some OTHER character become the book writer, then maybe they could get away with it. OR if August got the book writing power from someone else who is the TRUE book writer, MAYBE then it'd all make sense. This doesn't even make sense as I'm writing it but geezus I wish they thought about this a LITTLE bit better.

And introducing the hat from Fantasia at the SAME time as introducing Frozen? Holy moly there's way too many things going on already but I guess it's setting the stage from some wickedly cool episode in the future (at least I hope right?).

I could have sworn I read that Zelena isn't actually dead. But I guess she really is dead. It would have been interesting to see her fight for happiness.

Things I do want for future episodes: Yes Emma and Hook belong together. They have my blessing.
Oh speaking of which, soooo didn't Tink introduce Regina to Robin wayyy back when Regina was trying to get over Daniel? And that the wand or magic that Tinkerbell used specifically directed those who were destined to be together? SO by FATE Robin and Regina need to be together, regardless of the circumstances? Because that magic freakin doesn't lie?! So by that logic, I SHOULD expect those two to be together. If not, I'm over Once Upon A Time. (Chya, I wish. I wouldn't stop watching this show even if I despised the story line, I'm just so addicted to watching them develop these characters and their stories). Anyway back to the topic at hand!
Henry needs to save Regina from whatever evil plot.
Want to see the characters in their iconic Disney forms! (like the way they showed Belle and "Beast")

Those are just OPINIONS so don't take them too seriously. I'd love to hear what you have to say so feel free to leave a comment below.


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