Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Night Only's New Single - Get Around To It

I've been a fan of One Night Only since late 2009, early 2010 and so I'm totally stoked that they've finally released a new single since "Can You Feel It" for a Coca Cola Campaign (Holy geezus I just checked when that was released and that was February 2011! Over 3 years since they last put something out). I've loved their songs both Started a Fire and One Night Only and their vibe fit with their music and I must say both CDs were ones you could listen all the way through. HOWEVER, their new single they just put out doesn't seem to fit them. I love the musicality of it but no offense to George Craig but his voice just doesn't fit with the music, and honestly sounds like they've been heavily influenced by The 1975, which is totally fine but their music before seemed to fit them much better. I think the songs that best fit them were "Just For Tonight" and "Chemistry". Well maybe this single finally might get them touring over here. Shrugs. Check the songs out for yourself.

 I don't know why this one ^^ is such poor quality but I thought I'd put the full song up.

CORRECTION! Just saw their Youtube page and they actually released "Long Time Coming" two years ago, but still that's a long ass time since the last release of their song.

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