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Who else is totally not satisfied with the way the last episode ended? Who is Spencer so disgusted to see and was that really where Ali is hiding?

Here are some theories that I have for next weeks finale.

The Twin Theory
So we've all been jumping on the theory Ali has a twin sister. Why? Because the books told us so. AND the multiple references to the twins in the various Halloween episodes (twin stabbing her sister based off Alison's story, the two girls in the red coats the most recent episode). Which makes sense why Mrs. D bought the new clothes for someone who would fit Ali's size. But it has been confirmed by the bitch herself (Sasha Pieterse, no I don't think she's really a bitch but I thought it'd be fitting due to the nature of the show) that Ali does not have a twin in the show. PHEW. Relieved that anxiety.

If Ali doesn't have a twin? Then who does? The "Evil Twin" reference Mrs. Hastings mentioned when recapping "the moment before her sister left" had me guessing it may be Spencer. That could totally explain why she doesn't remember half her actions she did. Also, in the preview for next episode shows a girl with brunette hair burying Alison, suggesting it might be Spencer's twin.

Remember how Jason mentioned that this wouldn't be the first time Spencer caused trouble to her family?
So here's a potential guess, Ali and Spencer fought a lot because Spencer was the only one who challenged Alison and thus, Ali drugged up Spencer to be in control. Hence causing havoc or "going after" Ali, like she suggested when she told Mrs. Hasting that Spencer would go after her instead.

Is the person the grave a separate entity from A?
Both of the notes given to Spencer were not signed A. We know that the person burying Alison is a woman because Ali specifically said "I tried to tell her I was alive." So then is it Spencer's twin in the grave?

Or A could be a witness taking advantage of what they saw of Ali's disappearance and totally misconstruing the information to blackmail the girls.

Maybe Spencer hit her twin to protect Ali? That would explain why blood got on Spencer in the flashback but then what happened to Spencer after that? This theory isn't completely well thought out..

As for who Spencer is disgusted to see, there's so many guesses but clearly is specific relationship to her. Maybe it's her dad or her mom because she felt they were stalking her and that showed that they didn't trust her. But that would be too obvious and wouldn't make sense how they would know. Maybe even Dean because he's been following her and looking after her well being even though he was fired. But based off their last encounter, I don't think Spencer would have that kind of reaction towards him. The better guess is that it's Wren! We all know this season is coming full circle since all of the characters are coming back (Hanna's mom, Jason, Aria's mom), so it'd make sense to bring back Wren.

Who is Jason protecting when he lied about his stay in a place that's been shut down for 2 years? More A plotting?

Also, did y'all know Toby was in London? Yeah did some research and found out the letter from Toby was sent from London. Is he out there doing more investigation and seeking out Wren because he may be the one who wrote off his mom and the incident being an accident and thus seeking answers? Hopefully this will be answered in the season finale!

Let me know what you all think in the comments!

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